Friday, August 28, 2009

HLC's Kenilworth Poker Chips & Turquoise Bows

Here's a FRIDAY EXTRA for vintage lovers, originally published in The Dish this past Spring.  The Dish is a quarterly publication from the non-profit Homer Laughlin Collectors Association 

This tablescape features HLC's Kenilworth shape decorated with Casino Chips glazed in Epicure White (aka Kenilworth White).  Sunflower and Turquoise Post 86 Fiesta, Cityscape flatware, napkins from Pier 1 and a vintage Startex tablecloth.

Kenilworth was a buffet line with limited items and came in plain colors like Pink, Turquoise, Charcoal, Yellow (limited), and white. Here's another example of Kenilworth in Turquoise and White with metal embellishments.


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