Friday, August 28, 2009

The Original Six Plus Spinach Salad

That should really read "The Original Four Plus Spinach Salad", since I only used Cobalt, Light Green, Yellow and Red. Perfect weather here in Northern California for a light dinner and some beautiful dishes.

Our spinach salad consists of baby spinach with an old fashioned bacon/balsamic vinegar/fresh lemon juice/garlic dressing. Bacon bits, freshly grated parmesan cheese, and sliced hard boiled eggs are added before the salad is dressed. Additional toppings like diced onions, pine nuts, and chopped peppers, plus extra dressing is served on the relish tray in the center of the table.  Add a wine spritzer and some sour dough bread and I'm in heaven.

The Dishes: Vintage chop plates used as chargers, dinner plates, and Tricolator bowls are the perfect size for the salad. The large chop plate holds a Manhattan Relish Tray for additional toppings for the salad. Oil and vinegar from the vintage Pyrex containers. Salt & Pepper and mustard served from the Royal Chrome Condiment Set. The little votives are in vintage glasses that match the glasses used in the vintage Fiesta Ensemble sets. Glassware from Home Goods, napkins from Bed Bath Beyond and the cute napkin rings came from eBay.

The little Made in Japan wall pocket holds Lantana, Salvia, Verbena, and Geraniums from my garden.


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