Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Breakfast At Grandma's House

It's another Tablescape Thursday with our hostess Susan over at Between Naps On The Porch

 Please join us over there for the party.

The only things missing from this table that evokes memories of breakfast at Grandma's house for me are the waffle iron (how many times did I burn the underside of my forearm on that thing???) and the toaster with the two flip down sides.

The pantry fabric used to make the tablecloth is similar to the fabric that used to hang over all the canning jars filled with wonderful treats like spiced peaches, watermelon pickles, and some sort of cucumber pickles ...... makes me salivate just to remember.  In the intense heat of a Kansas summer the cellar was the place to be and more than once my cousins and I raided the spiced peaches, carefully washing the empty jar in the laundry tub and placing it on the shelf that held the "empties."  Do you think she ever knew?

Ivory, Scarlet and Black Post 86 Fiesta, an official Post 86 accessory napkin holder, vintage glassware, Cityscape flatware, contemporary napkins and napkin rings.  Also shown is the electric Hankscraft "Fiesta" egg cooker with ceramic poaching bowl and metal ring for making soft/medium/hard boiled eggs.  The amount of water poured in by the teaspoon determined how long the eggs cooked and when the steam stopped, the power turned off and it was time to eat!

Lid on for boiled eggs.

And here the lid is on with the metal ring removed and the ceramic poaching dish inserted.

Several pieces of Universal "Cattail" made for Sears Roebuck are also shown, a cake tray, pancake set with batter and syrup jugs, and a large bowl shown with fruit in it.


  1. very cute post! and now i am craving eggs...

  2. so cute, as are all your tables.

  3. Wonderful....Love love love the Fiesta.... You can never have to much Fiesta...

  4. What a wonderful table you've set! Love your Fiesta Ware and that you were able to find an ad for those egg thingys. Your cat tail servers are just so cute. I love all of the color and happiness of your table.
    Great job.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. What wonderful pieces you have. Fabulous table!


  6. That is adorable..
    Certainly would cheer me up to sit at a breakfast table like that!

  7. Fun -- and bright --- and wonderful! What a great start to your day.

  8. Hi Candy! LOVED this table before the page was even done loading! The colors are BEAUTIFUL, and I am just fascinated with every piece on this table!.. Well done! Happy Tablescape Thursday to you! ~tina

  9. LUV those napkins...they are soooo cute! Your tablescape is precious. Look who's #20. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Oh What a fun and happy table...a real trip down memory lane for me girl...I just loved seeing this wondeerful table you out did your self with this one...Thanks for sharing your Fiesta ware...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Love all that COLOR! Wonderful table! Great job!

  12. Hands down you win the best table this week. I had no idea they made an egg steamer. I see that Macy's is having a Fiesta sale this week buy one get one deal. I adore Fiesta ware and my SIL has all the pastel colors and I just love to visit her home and eat off of those happy colors.

  13. Love every aspect of this table. What a cheerful way to start one's morning! One of my aunts had Fiesta ware and I have great memories of many meals on those colorful dishes. Wish I had them. Don't know where they ended up. :-) Thanks for sharing this great table. ~ Sarah

  14. You've taken me down memory lane and the trip was wonderful. I loved the Fiesta ware and the egg steamer, but there were two things that really grabbed my eye. I'm smitten with the fabric used for your tablecloth and I loved the black teapot.
    I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  15. This is truly MY kind of tablescape! The nostalgia, the cute tablecloth and colors! I just love it all. I've GOT to get my sewing machine out and make some tablecloths!

  16. I've not seen an egg steamer like this before. How neat!
    Sweet table you've created and shared with TT.
    Autumn Blessings,

  17. What a great tablescape. I love the egg steamer, and all of the other wonderful accessories you've used. Just so much fun. Hugs, Marty

  18. Thank you all so much for your kind words about "Breakfast At Grandma's" !

    Julie, you are correct .... you can never have too much Fiesta!

    Sheila, the ad for the Hankscraft "Fiesta Egg Cooker" is one of many pieces of Homer Laughlin China Ephemera I have. You can see many of the items from my collection on my blog "The Pottery Papers" ©, which is linked on the sidebar here at The Little Round Table.

    Linda and Fifi flowers - those wild and crazy napkins were on sale at Pier 1 a couple weeks ago!

    Joyce - get yourself down to Macy's and buy yourself some Fiesta!

    Deanna, Marty and Joyce - the egg steamer is vintage, but they show up quite often on eBay, and come in other colors too. One goes perfectly with a Jadite collection and another is all ivory.

    Mary and Brenda - that fabric was the start of this tablescape, just spoke to me! And tablecloths are my kind of sewing project, done in an hour and on the table!

    Thanks again everyone for your lovely comments!


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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