Friday, September 11, 2009

It's A Matter of Scale

Have you ever mentally processed an image you might have seen in print or on the internet and gotten it totally wrong?  I know I've done it and know other collectors, who have had the same experience.  Seeing an image of a Harlequin Individual creamer and then eventually seeing one in the flesh usually elicits, "I didn't realize it was so SMALL!"

Check out this too cute little personal salt and pepper set.  I sure wasn't paying attention when I picked this up from an eBay auction.  Somehow I just knew it was probably about 4-5 inches tall. Silly me!

So this brings me to the subject of today's post:
The Tiny Round Table set for a mini Tea Party with the Post 86 Fiesta 2 Cup Teapot and Demitasse sets.  These were a wonderful gift a number of years ago, prior to the birth of my 3rd and 4th grandchildren.  And the "Homer" is my cat whose full name is Sir Homer of Laughlin.

Which brings to mind another false assumption that I made early on.  "Laughlin" ... like Laughlin, Nevada right?  Nope not "lofflin", but "locklin" as in The Homer Laughlin China Company.

But I digress, 
here's The Tiny Round Table.

The vintage tablecloth is another example of visualizing a full sized cloth and ending up with this mini cloth. After all these years it finally has the perfect table to show off its beauty.

Have you ever been fooled?

To read more about this vintage tablecloth, please click the image below.


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