Sunday, October 11, 2009

Before, In Between, and After for Metamorphosis Monday

Join all the participants over at Between Naps On The Porch with our hostess Susan for Metamorphosis Monday

Here's the before of last year's gingerbread house.  I've built these for years and will be giving all the details in early December.  I made a departure from my normal way of building this past year by using fondant in place of the classic frosting.  Any amount of humidity causes the frosting to age and absorb coloring from the different candies used to decorate the house, so this was an experiment that turned out to be quite successful.  The house and its lawn basically turned to concrete.  I pulled off most of the decorations and stored it away, thinking it could be refurbished for Christmas 2009.

Last week I had a brainstorm while purusing the over abundance of Halloween goodies already on the sale table. So a repurpose for the gingerbread house has come before it could be refurbished. I wonder whether I can paint it again and go back to a Christmas theme ???

The interim stage for "the house."

And then came a 15 minute makeover with a 1" throw away brush dipped in food coloring gel and a little water.  A quick brush over with the black food coloring, transforming the ice skating pond into the Pool of Blood, and additional blood decorating the walls, roof and walks. Add the knick-knacks from the craft store, some pumpkin candy and it's the scariest gingerbread house on the block!

The Pool of Blood seeping from Witchie's private cemetary. CSI needs to come in and investigate some of those blood drops leading from Witchie's house.

This is Witchie and she is 61 years old and every bone in her body is evil .....

The back of Witchie's house with her pumpkin patch.

The story behind the little witch will be told along with the gingerbread post in December, she's been with me for 60+ years.


  1. That looks like it was so much fun to make- I Love it!

  2. What a great idea. My kids would love to make that!

  3. You are so talented and creative! I love the spooky ones! ~Ashley

  4. i love this. I have a Wed party "Celebrate the Holidays" and I hope you will come post this. this is amazing.

  5. Oh my goodness, how spooky! You are so talented, this is really a one of a kind creation....Christine

  6. OH MY GOSH...I LOVE IT! I've never been interested in making a gingerbread house but a spooky gingerbread house is right up my alley!

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Since I didn't see Hansel or Gretel, I can only assume the worst...

    I thought the fence was adorable. And the candy pumpkins made me hungry!

  8. Wow, that is some amazing work! I never thought of doing a gingerbread house for Halloween. Cute idea.

  9. What an incredible transformation!

  10. What a cool Halloween idea...a witch's private cemetary! I bet all kids would LOVE this...

  11. This is just awesome, quite the talent you have, thank you for sharing.

  12. what a great money saving idea! Very cute - I love all the details and the little pumpkins on the fence.

  13. Bunny Jean said, "Since I didn't see Hansel or Gretel, I can only assume the worst..."

    I think that's a safe guess, but I'm sure they will be back for Christmas!

    Glad you all enjoyed my little bit of whimsy.

  14. Great idea! I love it. So cute.

  15. How adorable and fun!!! Love it!

  16. Wat to cool ...Love it...

  17. It was a dark and stormy night here in California with our first rain of the season. Witchie had the red lights on inside her house and looks much more at home in this weather than in the 90 degree heat of summer we've had until the last few days.

    Witchie appreciates all your nice remarks, but she's still very very bad....

  18. Yikers, how dare you change the darling one into such a screaming creepy one!! lol

    Hey, do you collect dishes for fun or what?

  19. "the darling one"

    Believe me this Witchie has never been the darling one!

    The story of Hansel and Gretel has a really dark history. Notice the little Gingerbread Man leaning against the corner of the house? He used to be a real live boy called Tommy. After Witchie does the dastardly deed of fattening up the children she abducts, she turns them into gingerbread men and stores them up to EAT later! Little Tommy is the only stored up food she has remaining from last season, so she's on the lookout for more fodder for her heinous existance. And you wonder why I grew up all crazy??? Am I afraid of the woods? Ya think!

    Check out Hansel and Gretel on Wikipedia for a short course in what happened to children in the Middle Ages during periods of famine. Makes me shivvverrr.....

    Dishes? Do I NOT look like I'm having fun???

    Yes, I do collect dishes for fun! It's my only ... I was going to say it's my only vice, but then that isn't true. :-)


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