Thursday, October 29, 2009

Black and White and Red All Over - A Ghoulish Dinner Party

Today's dinner is prix fixe * and the price is ...... well perhaps you aren't willing to risk life and limb for today's gourmet delights, but should you care to join me at the table you should be prepared to risk it all for this once in a short lifetime chance to dine with our ghoulish hostess.

You could of course choose to dine in more traditional style by joining in on Foodie Friday over at Designs by Gollum.

Martha Stewart's Spider Web tablecloth is decked out in Post 86 Fiesta in White, Black and Scarlet, along with Scarlet "Heart" Bowls for the gently sauteed heart listed on the menu.  The new Square Fiesta in Scarlet will be used for the still pulsing Blood Sausage.....yum!! 

The Black Kenilworth Carafe by Homer Laughlin China holds the Blood Red Wine right from the vein, properly "decanted"  served in the exclusive Spider Web Goblinets. The wine is fresh and organically certified by the FDA, not aged for a minute and brought to tableside by your server directly from the vein.  Fiesta Allspice is available for diners who like a little extra zing.  The allspice provides a unique tang similar to that found in a great Bloody Mary, which is available upon request with fresh bone marrow on the side.

* Place setting knives are not supplied by the proprietor, we have found that most of our guests prefer to bring their own personal knives.

Bone Appetit !


  1. I bet Edward Scissorhands would love it!
    Fun post!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. I love all of your ideas-thanks for sharing them. I haven't posted anything with a Halloween flavour today as us Aussies are only just starting to get into the spirit of it. Maybe next year I will have acquired some spooky accessories and I will be sure to check out your blog for some good ideas!
    Happy Halloween,NM.

  3. love your table, very fun! the spider cloth is fab and the warm red heart soup is a great idea!

  4. Love it all, especially the black Kenilworth carafe.

  5. Absolutely love this!!
    Ladybug Creek

  6. How fun! I VANT to sit right down and have a bite!

  7. What a wonderful tablescape!


  8. This is the best table and the best menu in Blogland. The goblet are true fun. Wherever did you find those? Have a great Halloween.

  9. What fun! It's a feast for Dracula and the bride of Frankenstein. I love the way you've set the table and the menu - ah, a standout.

  10. Great the red and black. The goblets are very spooky.

  11. Spooktacular! I love seeing Halloween in a color scheme other than orange and black.

  12. He, he , he ..... the time is drawing closer for all out ghoulishness! Thanks to all of you who appreciate my bit of silliness at this eerie time of year!

    The goblets came from one of those Halloween sites on the internet. I ordered them back in September, but should you care to find some of your own, I have since seen them in several versions at the Dollar Tree, for .... you guessed it, a dollar each! Considerably less than I paid and just as creepy!

    Hi Daphne! I tried both Persimmon and Tangerine with this cloth, but somehow the Scarlet just went better with the menu. :-) Glad you like it.

  13. Candy, this TT is just perfect for the season! My DD has lots of the HL Fiesta ware but not your pretty colors. I can't wait to show her your blog post.
    Very well done!

  14. I love the colors, red and black with a halloween theme. The menu sounds creepy and fun. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  15. Thanks Rettabug and Geri! I appreciate your kind words and I am pleased with the Scarlet and Black for a change from the normal orange/black. I think it works pretty well!


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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