Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dishes and Dahlias

The Dahlias are from the garden and desperately wanted to meet up with this vintage tablecloth.  Rose, Cinnabar and Periwinkle Post 86 Fiesta. The Periwinkle Juice Pitcher has Turquoise on the inside.  When the glase colors are sprayed prior to firing it is nearly impossible to tell what color the glaze will be, so this was a factory error that turned into a great collectible piece. Skytone pitcher by HLC and Harlequin pitchers with matching nut dishes, a vintage Harlequin 36's bowl in Rose and Metlox Sprial Candle Holders. The bas relief unglazed vase is of unknown origin, but thought to be Italian.

The padded fabric napkin rings are from Crate and Barrel many years ago.


  1. Cinnabar is so great with vintage cloths! Love those nice big dahlias.

  2. Ditto, what Daphne said! :)

  3. I've been reaching for Cinnabar a lot more lately it seems, and check out how many times silly Periwinkle is showing up to brighten the darks.


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