Thursday, October 8, 2009

Home Alone and It's Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday has rolled around again and I find myself home alone, craving comfort food, and I know just the thing.  This is about 180 degrees away from the prime rib Bandwith made this week, but served my purpose to catch up on all the catalogs that have started arriving.  Join in on Foodie Friday hosted on Designs by Gollum

It's a 10 minute meal and involves any sausages you like, a can of black beans, a tomato chopped with an equal amount of onion of any ilk plus a few tablespoons of chopped FRESH cilantro, a dallop of sour cream and mustard.  The mustard should be Mendocino Mustard, but if you don't have access to it pick one of your favorite hot sweet/sour mustards.

Puncture sausages and simmer in water for about 5 min, while you prepare the salsa and heat the beans in the microwave.  Brown the sausages in a skillet with a tablespoon of butter, while you find the sour cream and mustard.

With your other hand grab a good bottle of red wine, tonight's was Bolinger, mix with Sierra Mist (2 parts wine to 1 part soda) or any other 7 UP type soda, the juice of one lemon, some pineapple juice if you have it and a few teaspoons of sugar. I had fresh pineapple tonight, so I just chopped it up and threw it in the pitcher. The best Sangria is the impromptu kind, just about anything works ...... it's a wine cooler with a fancy name from south of the border to go with one of my favorite comfort food dinners.

Fill your plate, curl up with a good book or in front of your favorite trashy TV program.

The blend of flavors is just wonderful so give it a try some night when you feel the need to be comforted and warmed by the experience of fine dining in front of the TV. :-)


  1. O, gosh, girl....this is the kind of dinner I just love. I absolutely love watching tv while eating and I love wine with my meal at night.
    I will sure give this menu a try...THANKS!!

  2. Okay, now that's more like it. Finally, some food I recognize. Yum.. Love black beans. Love salsa, love sangria, love sour cream. Can we throw some cheese on there somewhere?
    Well, can you tell that it's time for me to go make dinner?
    What a delicious combo, I will remember to throw this together sometime soon!
    Hope you can stop by for a visit.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  3. Oooooooh, I love that sangria recipe. I'm always looking for a good one. And that meal looks so good! Got an extra plate? I'm still hungry!!!

    Happy Foodie Friday...


    Sheila :-)

  4. This sounds like my kind of night...ENJOY!

  5. What a perfect "in front of the tv" dinner! That sangria looks so good, I could probably drink the whole pitcher myself!

  6. I love simple and easy to make meals. I crave myd daily patatoes, veg and meat plate but once in a while such an easy dinner is just the right thing.

  7. Your photos are lovely and I love sangria. What a pleasant way to spend "alone" time. Have a great day.

  8. Love that Sangria. Wonderful photos:)

  9. It was yummy! (Other in front of the TV secret pleasures include cream cheese and gherkin pickles on toast and peanut butter on toast sans the jelly..... )

    Lorna said, "I could probably drink the whole pitcher myself!" I just about did that Lorna!!

  10. What a wonderful project for this week's foodie Friday! I love how your photos turned out as well! Delish all the way around!


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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