Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It Was A Dark and Stormy Day and Night

This is a tablescape that I began yesterday in the midst of our first monsoon of the season and boy it was a biggie! 5 inches of rain, dark and stormy all day, but we escaped most of the high winds.  The massive drainage system we installed prior to building this house 3 years ago is working like a charm to keep our slopes in place and drain water away from the lot.

Check back to There Goes The Sun for the first couple of images I took to test the light and then gave up.  The rain was so heavy that we had no satellite most of the afternoon to upload additional images. So now I'm going for a candle light dinner scape for this one.

Post 86 Fiesta in Turquoise, Rose and Cinnabar, with vintage Fiesta Turquoise bowls.

This perfectly matching little decorative bowl was a gift from my son and DIL from their trip to South Africa a few years ago.

The sterling napkin rings are by Betsy Gay Hart and are just beautifully made. These are from a set of 8, two each of apple, pear, artichoke and the lovely little individual grapes in a cluster.  Just goes to prove there are still some bargains on eBay ..... price was right around $15 for the eight!!

The large chop plate is actually Rose with a special glaze on the top surface.

This one piece divided relish is still a mystery.  Unknown maker marked USA 3745.


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