Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Portmeirion Pomona Fruit Harvest

One of my favorite series of all time was "The Prisoner." The real Portmeirion is a miniature Italianate fantasy village on the coast of Wales and was the set of the BBC classic series in the 1960s. Portmeirion Pottery is a British pottery company based in Stoke-on-Trent, which has historical ties to East Liverpool, Ohio.

The Portmeirion shape/pattern is "Pomona" and honors the Goddess of Fruit and the harvest season.  The borderless plates are an older style, as opposed to the bowl in the center with decorated border and cherries.  Cinnabar Fiesta compliments the colors of the fruit on the china and the Hunter Green chargers. Sterling silver is American Directoire.  The little vase is china clad in sterling made by Deusch and Co., c. 1940.  The tablecloth and napkins are from Williams Sonoma, glassware from Pier 1.


  1. I use to love to eat at my friends home because she had a set of these dishes and they always looked so pretty on her table as on yours. The combo of the green plates with the Portmeirion is so colorful. Love all your tables. Where do you store all of your dishes?

  2. Good Morning from stormy California!

    I have several large old pine armoires where I store my dishes for daily use, plus the kitchen cabinets. My vintage collection of HLC and Fiesta dinnerware is displayed in two 8 x 8 glass fronted closets. It's a lot of dishes to store!

    And another large fronted cabinet in the garage, and some boxes, and some in the laundry room, and some in my closet. :-)

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