Friday, October 9, 2009

Reproduction Jewel Tones

I'm pulling some images from the archives from last summer when I was testing different color combos for this reproduction tablecloth. I'll be taking this challenge on again shortly to come up with a more interesting look for this tablecloth. First is a combination of Scarlet and Cinnabar.

Fiestaware 2000 mixed with some Fiesta all in Juniper.

Sapphire which was released in only a few pieces, an exclusive Bloomie's color.

Some of these Sapphire pieces were NOP (not officially produced).

And the color that I'm waiting for, Marigold the 75th Anniversary color with limited pieces released until the actual 75th year of production in 2011.  That's the color this really needs.


  1. So many cloths just cry out for marigold, don't they? Vintage yellow could be nice too, especially a French casserole in the center.

  2. As I was scrolling down to see the pics all I could think of was that Marigold would look great with this tablecloth...and of course, that's what I saw on the last picture! I can't wait for a full set of Marigold to come out. :)

  3. Good Morning you two!

    waiting waiting waiting for Marigold! I have quite a few tablecloths that are just pleading for some Marigold.


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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