Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spanish Wall and Periwinkle

This vintage cloth is sporting Post 86 Fiesta in Periwinkle, Shamrock and Ivory.  The Carafe holding the roses has a crystalline glaze and was among a few pieces auctioned for charity a number of years ago.  The casserole and platter are in the "Spanish Wall" decoration and the shape is Jade, which has a lovely greenish caste to the glaze and is called Clair de Lune.  The small oval Oven Serve platter is also done in the Clair de Lune glaze which is unusual for this line of kitchenware. The Periwinkle trivet is a test piece that didn't go into production and the Periwinkle pitcher is misglazed in Turquoise on the inside.


  1. Interesting process. Lucky you to own this one. I love the plates.

  2. Thanks Joyce, that carafe is a special piece and I love the glaze, but I think it would be a little head-spinning if they had done a whole table of plates, bowls, etc.

  3. That carafe is stunning. I don't know what I would have thought if I had found it in the "wild", probably that somebody had done a home experiment on it.

  4. Hi Janet - It is an unusual piece and I can say that none of the pictures I have taken over the years even come close to doing the beauty of the glaze justice.

    Thanks for coming by!



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