Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vintage Fiesta with Reproduction Tablecloth

Vintage dinnerware on a reproduction floral tablecloth.  This tablecloth appeared just a week ago here on The Little Round Table decked out in contemporary Fiesta and in September in Reflections On The Sunporch.  Here it is seen with vintage Fiesta showing that it is a most versatile cloth.


  1. Very pretty and fun to see you use the tablecloth again. FYI I want to tell you that my Macy's sale book came in the mail today and they are advertising a beautiful Vera Fall tablecloth at 50% off at the next sale.

  2. Afternoon Joyce!

    I picked up the "Falling Leaves" new Vera design at Macy's last sale and posted about it here:

    Exceptional quality! It will most likely show up come Mid November here on The Little Round Table.

    For anyone interested check out Macy's website at www.macys.com , keyword: tablecloth Vera will bring up the new designs on sale including the Christmas cloths.

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