Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'd Rather Be ...... In Provence !

This vintage cloth appeared here on The Little Round Table before, but this time around I'm pretending I'm in the South of France.  Perennial Marigolds and little baby olives branches from my garden decorate this champagne brunch table.

Nothing better than a late brunch with omelets, a small green or fruit salad, some cheese and fruit and lots of juice and champagne of course. Silver chargers from Tuesday Morning topped by Black Post 86 Fiesta dinner plates, decorative salads from Home Goods, Stainless flatware with forged iron handles, contemporary champagne flutes and juice glasses. Sterling napkin rings by Betsy Gay Hart.

"Apple Tree" bowls are vintage Homer Laughlin in Ivory and Yellow.


  1. Your tables continue to amaze me I would love to know how you organize all your plates and accessories so that you can create all this loveliness! You have inspired me!


  2. I love checking your blog, your tables are always inspiring with great 'back stories' Thanks You so much! Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Good Morning!

    Just catching up on all the comments from this past week and I thank you for stopping by!

    Linda, probably sometime in January I will be posting some info and images on how I store/organize all these dishes that seem to have over run my house. :-)


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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