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Back Issues of The Little Round Table - September 2009

Welcome to another episode in the Metamorphosis Monday
saga being hosted by Susan over at Between Naps On The Porch.
Another Mosaic Monday over at Little Red House hosted by Mary
(visit Mary, even though she's taking a little break from Mosaic Monday)
Let's join all the fans of Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally's,
since there surely must be enough blue dishes here to qualify.

That would make it a triple play
ready made to reveal The "Naked" Little Round Table.

In its unadorned state The Little Round Table is a vintage iron garden table base
with its original green chippy paint topped with a glass round.  Mister TLRT actually
prefers it naked, but since I'm in charge of the kitchen.....well you've seen what
The Little Round Table looks like all dressed up for meals. It's a true metamorphosis.

The kitchen is recovering from the chaos of a Christmas meal for 16
and way too much champagne and merry making!

There are still remnants of Christmas dishes and decor, but it will soon be back to normal.
After a full month of the Merry Merry Miscellany of the season, I'm ready for the
minimalist look or as close to it as I ever get!

The other two dining tables that sometimes appear in place of The Little Round Table
aren't avaialbe for photos today ...... one is covered with bins of the "de-cluttering" process
and clearing the Christmas decor, while the other is covered with holiday tablecloths
being washed, pressed and folded to be stored away for next year.

The vintage Fiesta lives in the kitchen now that their original home in the pantry hall has
been given over to the tablescape "stuff."  More about that later in January.

I've often been asked how I get to the dishes in the upper cabinets.  I use a plain old step ladder, after considering a library rail and ladder system for months when designing this kitchen.  The floor space the systems require and the wear and tear on the pine flooring were the main reasons I chose to not include a ladder system. The everyday dinnerware is kept in cabinets on the sink/dishwasher side of the kitchen, as well as the pantry hall which backs up to the wall of cabinets which hold the vintage Fiesta.

This is the second of five posts looking back at my four months of
blogging about my tablescapes. Here's a look at what was going on in September of 2009.


  1. What a feast for the eyes! I keep going back and looking at each of the pics. You sure got a lot of dishes. I'll be back looking at this post a lot. Rosie

  2. Lovely pictures -- love all of your dishes!

  3. Wow, is that eye candy for a dishaholic or what? That wall of color is dazzling! The mosaic of the tablescapes is stunning! Your kitchen must make you smile every time you walk in there.

  4. Love all the wonderful color in your kitchen ! So amazing!

  5. Just received my first Fiesta dishes for Christmas, Love them. Wow what a great collection you have.

  6. I see lot's of my favorite colour in there, pink, blue, yellow, green...all beautiful Candy.
    Happy Blue and everything else today.
    Love Claudie

  7. I find myself imagining the guests that would use the table at any one time. They're a pretty interesting lot!

  8. Your Fiestaware collection is lovely!

    I love how they are all displayed!

    Happy Blue Monday.

  9. WOW what a selection of crockery but of course the blue sets are the best :)

  10. I love your kitchen. Your dishes are so colorful and pretty and gee, what a collection. Your mosaics are all lovely too.

  11. Wow your kitchen is really beautiful I like it. You really have pretty stuff around. Happy blue Monday.

  12. Candy, you are one lucky lady to have such a marvelous kitchen. That colorful Fiesta Ware is the best collection I've seen! Happy Blue Monday!

  13. wow..i love your kitchen...the dishes are colorful and i like it...

    Happy Blue Monday.

    Mine is up too.

  14. A lovely walk down memory lane! I'm also enjoying the wide shots of your fabulous kitchen.

  15. You have a fabulous kitchen, so spacious!

    Have a glimpse of a Japanese Yukata outfit at my page. Happy New Year!

  16. wow that really overwhelmed me! so colorful and lovely!

    u may view mine here

  17. Thanks everyone for you wonderful comments! It is a kitchen that I love and yes, I do smile everytime I see it. It is an expanded version of a kitchen I designed in our last house and is everything I had hoped for.

    Since this year's holiday meal was a collaborative effort, the kitchen got a real workout with lots of people cooking and prepping the different dishes. There is the SS work table, plus a butcherblock island (hard to see in the picture), plus several areas of long counterspace so the various "cooks" could do their thing. It worked!!

    And the color.....wouldn't be a kitchen for me without all that color! I'm liking the new arrangement with all the vintage on display in the kitchen.

    More tablescapes from October will be posted tomorrow (this is all running on auto-pilot through Blogger), but I will be back to see you!

  18. My first visit but not my last! I so enjoy how you set so many different themes using your incredible Fiesta Ware collection. And let's just take a minute to reflect on your gorgeous display in your cabinets in your incredible kitchen .... sigh. Very nice! Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing!

  19. Wow I have never seen so many great colors for dishes. This is awesome thanks for sharing!


  20. Wow, I just love them all I tried to pick a favorite and could not. THANKS FOR SHARING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

  21. Hi Candy,
    Loved seeing all your wonderful tablescapes...what a great mosaic! And what a terrific collection of Fiesta Ware! Your kitchen is a dream! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful transformations of your sweet table!

  22. My eyes enjoyed looking at the different colors and fantastic collection. I love your kitchen is so huge and organized.

  23. I'm in awe and envy of your fabulous collections. Gorgeous! So glad I stopped by! Check in sometime ...

  24. I'm so glad you all stopped by to catch up on past tablescapes here at The Little Round Table! More Back Issues are posted (Aug-Nov) and the last December Back Issues will be posted tomorrow for Susan's Tablescape Thursday, so be sure and stop by to see all the awesome and inspiring tablescapes by so many dish lovers across blogland. See you there!


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