Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back Issues of The Little Round Table - November 2009

This is the fourth of five posts looking back at my four months of blogging about my tablescapes.  This issue checks back on all the tablescapes for the month of November 2009.


  1. Your table settings are all just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing them with the world. I am hoping to start setting some pretty place settings for my DH and I since it is now just the two of us. Lots of inspiration here to help me get started! Now if only I could make the food look and taste as good as the place I just started a blog and would love it if you'd stop by!

  2. All of the tables are super, but my eye gravitates to the November 11 "Concentric Cirles" when the shots are in mosaic form...something about that circle in the center of the table and the little donkey making their parade! I hope Spring will bring a revisit to that cloth with some Quattro.

  3. Candy, I love the magazine format of your "back issues." In a way, I wish TLRT really was a magazine, so I could keep it by my bedside and flip through the pages over and over. I guess I'm just an inveterate fan of print media!

  4. Yes, yes! A magazine! Wouldn't that be wonderful! ;) I do come back here and revisit the tables again and again.

  5. Beth, I'm glad you came by and let me warn you that the "tablescaping" bug will take over without you even realizing it! My philosophy is that if I have to cook a meal, why not make it a dining experience rather than just plain old meatloaf or chicken!!

    Daphne - You are so fickle!! Yesterday it was the Lilypad and today it's Circles! LOL Make sure to go back and find the original Circles tablecloth....did you know there were two in different colorways??

    Hi Saarin - I just KNEW you would like the "hard-copy" concept. And I have been looking into having my blog published as a hard cover book, I like the touchy-feely idea too. After all the posts for this year are up and running I will be doing the download and seeing whether it is even possible with all the heavy duty images and little text.

    Daphne - I think there is already a "magazine" called THE DISH isn't there???? LOL, don't want to steal anybody's original idea, dontcha know?


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