Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Ribbons and Plaid

This vintage tablecloth has all the elements to bring out the best in the dinnerware - gifts, ribbons and bells.

Hunter green chargers, White Post 86 Fiesta, decorative salad plates from Pier 1, flatware and napkins from Home Goods.  The Mondrian glassware is from Pfatlzgraff.

The "Betty Bowl" in Fiesta Scarlet from Betty Crocker's defunct catalog is a reissue of the vintage Betty Bowl.


  1. I love the elegance and simplicity... thanks for all the inspiration you gave me...hre I find that I have a lot to learn and... to shop too....happy Holidays.

  2. I do love this table. Very interesting combination's. The glasses are so unique. Merry Christmas indeed if you are lucky enough to sit down to this lovely table.

  3. It's still o'dark thirty here in California, but I am up early with the plan being to get out of here and do some of the shopping for food next week and last minute grandkids stocking stuffers!

    Got some coupons from Pier 1 in the mail, so really do need to stop there too! As if I need an excuse to stop at Pier 1. :-)


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