Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hanukkah - Fourth Night

This Hanukkah series was originally posted for Hanukkah 2009
by my friend and fellow Fiesta collector Saarin.

Please welcome our guest blogger Saarin, my friend and fellow dish collector to The Little Round Table for a celebration of the "Festival of Lights" Dec 11-18. Leave comments for Saarin here on The Little Round Table, she'll be checking in as the posts come online each day through next Friday.

Back in 2000, Noah's aunt came to visit from afar, and brought her own travelling menorah! (It's the tiny one in front.)

My sister and I have always enjoyed singing the blessings over the candles, and harmonizing on the traditional Hanukkah songs, like "Mi Yimalel". This song speaks to the theme of remembering that is so important to the holiday.

"Who can retell
The things that befell us,
Who can count them?
In every age
A hero or sage
Arose to our aid."


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