Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hanukkah - Second Night

This Hanukkah series was originally posted for Hanukkah 2009 by my friend and fellow Fiesta
collector Saarin.
Please welcome our guest blogger Saarin, my friend and fellow dish collector to The Little Round Table for a celebration of the "Festival of Lights". Leave comments for Saarin here on The Little Round Table, she'll be checking in as the posts come online each day.

"Comet the Hanukkat"

Penguins join the animals in the ark for the second night of Hanukkah. Some of my most special Homer Laughlin pieces are displayed on this hutch, along with a couple of lady head vases and dancing lady dolls.


  1. Lovely! Very nice display. The Menorah shines just enough light to your beautiful dishes. Hmmm, I see a green marmie! ;)

  2. You have a keen eye, ~M! Be sure to check back on the eighth night to see another familiar bit of Fiesta ware! Thanks for your welcoming comments.

  3. Saarin, I think this is still my favorite Hanukkah image. Comet is such a gentleman!

    M - you sure do have eagle eyes when it comes to marmalades!

  4. Hi Saarin and Candy!

    It's great to see these pictures again, especially Comet!

  5. Hello Candy and Saarin,
    oh my God is that nice. The cat looks like a child with shiny eyes into the candles and as if he is dreaming.
    I really love that.
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Hi Daphne and Johanna!

    Comet is a sweetheart and about the same age as my Homer cat, which is 13! I remember Comet when he was just a kitten sitting in a Fiesta mixing bowl!


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Thank you for your lovely comments.

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