Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mi Yimalel - "Who Can Retell" - by Noah December 2000

I'm reposting all the wonderful Hanukkah posts done by my friend Saarin in 2009 beginning today, so that all our new readers can enjoy them too.  Thanks Saarin!
Back in December of 2000 a young friend was kind enough to send me this Hanukkah post for my website.  Here it is again for old and new friends to enjoy.  I'm sending everyone best wishes for this holiday season and hoping that someday Noah's wish for peace in our world comes true.

Beginning tomorrow and for the additional seven nights of Hanukkah my friend and fellow dish lover Saarin will be spreading the spirit of the season here on The Little Round Table with posts celebrating the Festival of Lights.  Please welcome her and leave a comment for our first "Guest Blogger."


Mi Yimalel - "Who Can Retell"

These are our two menorahs. The blue one (left) my Dad made. He made it by attaching a stick to a shower head, and covering it with clay!! The one with all the animals on it (right) belongs to me. I like to use it because it's a Noah's Ark menorah.  It was a present from my aunt.

My name is Noah. I am very fond of Hanukkah. Some people spell it Chanukah, there really isn't a right way or a wrong way. The things I like most about Hanukkah are the great songs, and lighting the candles. The menorah is a special candleholder that has 8 candles and one helper candle, called the shamash. You use a match to light the shamash, and then you use the shamash to light the other candles on the menorah. You light one candle on the first night, and each night you light another candle until on the last night all eight (nine, counting the shamash) are lit. It's really beautiful!

 Then you sing songs and play games and get presents! The reason we celebrate Hanukkah is to remember a time when Jewish people were not allowed to study their books or pray the way they wanted to, but they did it anyway, and even though they didn't have a big army they were able to win against their enemy. I wish people didn't have to fight wars just to be able to think or pray the way they want to. Then maybe there would be peace in the world. Happy Hanukkah!

 December 2000
Noah is now 19 and away at college, studying writing and art.


  1. What a wonderful story. I can't wait to meet Saarin and learn more about Hanukkah! ;)

  2. Saarin's First Night post is up and she'll be back with us each day through next Friday the 18th.

  3. That is a very lovely post and I'm looking forward to reading more. Love the Noah's Ark Menorah.

  4. Thanks for bringing back the Hanukkah posts, Candy!

  5. Happy Hanukkah Saarin and thanks again for this lovely series of posts.


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