Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pretty Holiday Parasite

We willingly bring this holiday parasite into our home every year.  The oak trees that grow on the back of our property shelter this traditional Christmas decoration in their branches.

DH cuts a big bunch each year and unlike the little dried out bunches you see at the grocer's,
this is lush and green.  Spread the love, kiss someone under the mistletow that you hold dear .

This is a vintage Vera mistletoe tablecloth that didn't make it out of the linen cupboard this year,
but was in use last year.


  1. There is a lot of mistletoe in the St Augustine FL area - a local told us his grandfather used to get it down with bow and arrow. Seems much too hard - ladder and saw would be best.

    The difference is quite unbelievable - now I understand the 'kissing ball'.

  2. I love incorporating things from nature that are in season in the decor. And that cloth is on my wish list!

    The slideshow of tables in the upper right corner is fabulous! I got a little hypnotized!

  3. Thanks Bellen and Daphne!

    I saw the cloth on eBay recently Daphne, but didn't track it. Glad you like the slideshow, hopefully the slideshow will change daily next week for the look back at each month....check back!

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