Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Bride Doll 1948

It's Christmas Show and Tell over at My Romantic Home. May all your Christmas wishes and dreams come true.

Do little 5 year old girls still dream about Santa bringing them a bride doll?  That was the only thing I wanted the Christmas that I was five.  I was celebrating my first Christmas in Germany after my family moved there with the Department of Defense.  Times were very lean and there weren't a lot of goods available, certainly not a lot of bride dolls.

As was pretty common at the time, a woman came to our door selling some of her belongings to make ends meet.  My mother purchased this china head doll with composite body and made the bridal outfit.  My bride doll was delivered by Santa in her very own Puppenwagen (baby carriage) and she was my pride and joy!

When I was about 8 she made a trip to the Puppen Krankenhaus (doll hospital) to have her makeup redone.  She made another trip to a doll hospital in Illinois when I was about 15, after my little 2 year old sister poked out one of her eyes!  And sometime in the intervening years she has lost her bouquet and her veil, but retains her petticoat, her dress and her bare feet.  Never pregant, but still bare footed after all these years.

Her head is dated 1894 and she was Made In Germany.

Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Gorgeous! She was almost as big as you! LOL :)

  2. Wonderful doll. I still have my bride doll also...and the shoes! I don't think they are as popular as they used to be...but I love mine!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope you have a memory filled day and all your wishes come true!

  3. She is just beautiful, still, after all these years and much loving ...

    Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas.

  4. She is just gorgeous! I have one packed up I need to dig out.

  5. Oh my gosh, I was born in 1946 and asked and received a bride doll either 51 or 52 and unfortunately for me, that Christmas I had German Measles. Think I was just getting over them on Christmas Eve but still not feeling great. My parents, grandparents, my grandmother's sister and husband were all downstairs. I woke up and came down the stairs and peeked through the spindles and there was my "bride down" amongst other toys in fron of the tree. But something was horribly wrong because how could Santa have come with all the people and what was worse, he did not eat his cookies and Coca-Cola set out for him!! I tried so hard not to "understand" and still "believe". I never told my parents until the next Christmas Day. I can remember my doll vividly. Oh yes, my grandmother made her dress, the veil, the taffeta underslip and even a bouquet of small flowers. It is wonderful that you and several others who had reponded still have your dolls. I only one doll, A Terri Lee doll that was unlike any of the dolls I had. Funny, I can still remember their names. Your doll is so pretty and looks so good for her age!

  6. Pretty doll you have!.. thanks for sharing..

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

  7. your doll is beautiful, and i can see, sooo treasured. Lucky you.

  8. How lovely. Thanks for sharing. I had a bride doll too as a child. I wonder what ever happened to her?

  9. Your pictures are too cute! I love the story of your lovely Bride Doll! And to still have her after all these years! You must really cherish the memories she holds! Hope you had a Merry Christmas: ) Sherri

  10. Seems like there are still lots of us who are "little girls" at heart and I'm so glad you enjoyed meeting her. I find it odd that ALL my other dolls had names, but this doll was always just called My Bride Doll. :-)

  11. I just love your posts about your childhood and your photos just tell the stories so well! I'm amazed at what great condition your doll is in! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Morning Cindy, thanks for stopping by. The pictures are wonderful to have. I spent most of last winter putting together albums a pictures. It's amazing the memories that come back when looking at old pictures.

    My Bride Doll even went to college with me and has travelled with us for these past decades as we went from place to place. Her hair is without gray and the quick gel job I gave her for the new photos really gives her that wonderful glow.
    Wish I could work the same magic on my own hair!!


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