Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WOW - Retro Red Stripe Fiesta!

Some of the most sought after pieces of vintage Fiesta are the "stripes."  Most could be classified as "rare" and I am lucky enough to have a few pieces in my collection. They were originally produced in the first year or so of production which began in 1936 and came in several colors.  A few pieces of Red and a single chop plate in Blue are some of the pieces I most treasure in my vintage collection.

This past summer the HLCCA  (Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association) introduced an exclusive limited edition Retro Red Stripe Fiesta in Post 86 Ivory. Oh WOW!!

In these images the dinner plates are the Retro Red Stripe, while other striped pieces are vintage.  Shown alone with red chargers, then with a Post 86 Scarlet salad plate, then with a gusto bowl added bearing the Christmas Tree decal, and finally with a faux gift box.  Give yourself a year long gift by joining the HLCCA.  Membership entitles you to a quarterly magazine called The Dish and access to exclusives like the juice pitcher series and this new Retro Red Stripe Fiesta.


  1. wow I love the shine...and the pieces are simple so it's very elegant wiht sparkle you give...

  2. Red stripe is the perfect way to welcome December! IMO, it's the best of the HLC holiday patterns:)

    Love the advent calender, too!

  3. Love the stripes! What a lovely table. You have inspired me in my tablescapes.

  4. Red stripes are a good thing around my house! They just lend themselves to the holiday spirit with such ease. Happy happy holidays ahead for one and all.


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