Friday, January 15, 2010

1950s Majestic Lucite Handbag - Grandma's Vintage Thingies

For those of you who loved my Grandma's vintage Lucite Handbag from yesterday's post Vintage Thingies From Grandma's Dresser , I have some additional information.

This is Gandma's bag:

It was made by Majestic in the 1950s with Lucite most likely provided to the company by DuPont.  The gold lamé  liner in the bottom is stamped with the Majestic mark.  If you do a Google search with the keywords Majestic lucite handbag and do some poking around you can come up with some additional styles.  Enjoy!

Here are a few I found.

Same style as Grandma's, but more elaborate. Cost in UK around $284 + shipping to US

Similar style, but with red leather and Lucite.


  1. Oh those are so cool! I still love your grandma's best!

  2. Her style endures even today, doesn't it? It's all about the bag!

  3. I love her style. I also like her purse best. Do you know what it might have cost then?

  4. I love vintage purse. I agree with the other comments, your Grandma's is the best.

  5. So fun. I have one of my grandmother's that is more bakelite than lucite. I'll have to look into it's deatails.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. My Grandma is surely smiling, while she just gets so tickled about the response to her pretties!

    KK - I did some basic research via Google and couldn't find any info re:original cost, but I did find a couple of excellent collectors books on "plastic purses"......who knew????

  7. I'm a little late coming to the party, but had to say that I love love love those lucite handbags! Go Grandma!

  8. Morning Saarin!

    Aren't they a kick? Who knew, but then pretty much everything is "collectible" by someone, somewhere. Might have to look into one of the collector books.


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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