Sunday, January 10, 2010

Artificial Sunshine

I'm soooo done with the socked in gray overcast nasty fog here in Northern California!  I know I shouldn't complain given the state of the weather in other parts of the country and yes I do remember why we permanently moved out of snow country some 30 years ago. Nevertheless, please Mr. Sunshine come back, come back!

Desperation is leading me to come up with some artificial sunshine for my table. I am dreading the electric bill next month, but it's either turn on lots of lights or carry around a flashlight to maneuver from room to room.  So, one vintage tablecloth and some brightly colored dinnerware and we have sunshine  ..... well maybe not, but at least I can pretend.

Vintage tablecloth, Italian glass chargers, White, Lemongrass, Sunflower and Chocolate Post 86 Fiesta. Glassware is from Pfaltzgraff.  Centerpiece bowl is vintage Pacific Pottery and the underplate is vintage Homer Laughlin.


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