Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Green Leaves With Persimmon, Plus Metlox Times 5 Bonus

This post was already set to appear here on The Little Round Table, when I received
an additional pair of Metlox "Spiral" candleholders from the vintage Poppy Trail (Poppytrail)
line thanks to a tip from my dish buddy Daphne! I've had the Ivory and Red pairs for years,
the Fuschia colored pair was a gift from Daphne last summer and she was also responsible for
locating the beautiful Turquoise pair at Brimfield's last show in 2009.
So this is all Daphne's fault, at least most of it!

There are many tablescapes here on The Little Round Table that include these candle holders:

Vintage Calaprint tablecloth shown with Post 86 Fiesta in Juniper and Persimmon,
Metlox candle holders are vintage. The center fruit bowl is Fiestaware 2000
in Juniper, sterling flatware is American Directoire.  Napkins from
Tuesday Morning, napkin rings from Pier 1.


  1. I'll happily take the blame for this one! ;)Seeing all these spirals together has gotten my morning off to a great start.

  2. Beautiful table setting. I love those candle sticks.

  3. WOW! I didn't know they made them in Fuschia! Hmmm...

  4. Candy, do you the yellow Metlox candleholders yet?

  5. Afternoon ladies!

    I do really really thank Daphne for all her help with building my spirals up from 2 pair to 5 pair in a matter of 6 months! This is by far my favorite style of candlestick, works with plain or fancy dining of any kind.

    Melissa, I've had those on my watch list, but really don't intend to bid on them. I usually go with my first gut reaction and some of the things that I see are potentially problematic.

    Even if I were to be the only bidder, they would be around $40 with shipping and one has some damage, although the seller indicates it is minor, while the other has several lines of "crazing." Hmmmmm.....beyond that here are a couple of things I noticed: one of the feet appears to have had the glaze ground down. Because it was unstable? or because perhaps the whole thing was reglazed? It may just be the lighting on the images, but look how much shinier that one is than the other, which looks more like the standard Metlox matte glaze.

    I'm just not willing to take the chance and invest the $12+ shipping each way when I know up front that there are "issues."

    Besides that, I have my very own personal shopper keeping her eagle eyes open for more of these to tempt me with! LOL

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