Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

The TOP TEN and The BOTTOM TEN for 2009
What will be the trend in 2010?

Wishing you all the Happiest of New Years!!

Have a glass of champagne with me and check out the most popular and the least discovered tablescapes on
The Little Round Table

Check out the most visited Tablescapes and the least visited tablescapes as The Little Round Table celebrates 4 months of blogging !  There were other popular posts, but I'm just listing those in the tablescape category.

This is the 207th post since August 23rd when I got this crazy notion that I wanted to keep track of my tablecloths and how I have used them over time.

TOP TEN - Most Visited Tablescapes
 1.  Toyland  - Just barely edged out the Halloween Spider Tablescape
 2.  Today's Headline: Spider Webs Overtake Diners !!
 3.  Thanksgiving - Vera's Falling Leaves Linens
 4.  Starlight Christmas Supper
 5. "Fall Fantasy" Fiesta
 6.  Concentric Circles
 7.  It's A Fiesta Masquerade
 8.  The North Woods
 9.  Breakfast At Grandma's House
10. Tropical Yucca For Squares

BOTTOM TEN - Least Visited Tablescapes, hidden away? never discovered? just ugly???
1.  More Concentric Circles
2.  Olde World Gold and Holiday Nouveau
3.  Nasturtium Trellis
4.  Citrus and Snowflakes
5.  Portmeirion Pomona Fruit Harvest
6.  South of the Border Part 1
7.  South of the Border Part 2
8.  Square Fiesta On A Round Table
9.  Let the Sun Shine In

And in the cellar was the least visited post of all.  Poor parrots.
10. Multi Colored Parrots

Were any of these among the ones you missed seeing or were they some of your favorites? Let me know by posting a comment on this thread.


  1. I have enjoyed all your posts once finding your blog. I think one of my favorites was the Vera Falling Leaves tablescape. Looking forward to 2010 and all the new tables you will show us.

  2. What! The donkeys on concentric circles is in the bottom group? Shocking!

  3. Thank you sharing your tables and garden. I really enjoy your blog. You have inspired me so much. I used to visit your fiestafanataic website often. I am so glad that I found your blog. I hope to get mine up and running with pictures of my Fiesta dishes. Thanks again and happy new year.

  4. The sun has just come out from the fog! Yippeee!

    Thank you all for looking back at some of the tablescapes from the past few months, I hardly remembered some of them. :-)

    Daphne - Maybe it's because one of the donkeys was going the wrong way in the circle??? LOL

    Welcome Monica.....the old website seems like a long time ago now, I'm glad you found us again!


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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