Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I So Much Want To Like .....


Join me over at Between Naps On The Porch with our hostess Susan for the very first Tablescape Thursday of 2010.

Today's tablescape is all about coffee beans and the heady aroma my kitchen is filled with.
I so much want to like coffee!  I love the smell, I love the idea, I love the ritual and
the passion people show for their favorite beverage.  Just can't get it past my taste buds,
although I used to drink a cup occasionally back in my youth just to be sociable.
Eeewwww in my mouth,  even dosed with lots of cream and sugar.

Who doesn't remember these coffee ad names, tag lines and situations from the past?

1. Good to the Last Drop.
2. Everything you love about coffee.
3. We’ve secretly replaced the coffee with…
4. Mrs. Olsen
5. Celebrate the moments of your life.
6. The best part of waking up (extra credit if you can hum the jingle)
7. Our House
8. Fill it to the rim.
9. Cora
10. Juan Valdez

Ahhh yes, Juan Valdez ...... that's what all this has been leading up to.  I do so much want
to like the pure 100% Colombian coffee that Juan hand picks and brings down the
mountain side with his little burro. Here's a vintage Vera tablecloth covered in
coffee beans and even Juan and his burro with their latest load of beans.

The chargers are Italian glass, white "Medallion" dinner plates are Rosenthal,
decorative salad plates from Home Goods, Pier 1 stemware.

The black fruit bowls are Post 86 Fiesta.

Vintage Antique Gold Fiesta included the Marmalade, small platter and large salad bowl.

And two alternative napkins that could easily work with this tablescape.

If you are a coffee lover, please take a sip for me and enjoy!!
I think I'll just stick with a big bowl of coffee ice cream.


  1. Very cool - different.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Oh my this is just fabulous. I love the color combination. THose chargers are fabulous!!

  3. What a wonderfully fun tablescape! I'm a coffee lover - so this suits me just fine! Your round table is alwasy dressed so well!

  4. LOVE COFFEE.. any flavor ...anytime, So I'll drink yours!
    Your tablecloth is cute as can be...for not being a coffe drinker this scape couldn't be any cuter!
    Juan Valdez is smiling !!!!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. What a great scape! I'll have a cup for you in the morning. Love the stemware.

  6. What a way to start the new year~it would be such a special treat to sit at your table.
    The white donkey is my favorite touch.

  7. This one of the most unique tables I have had the pleasure of seeing! What a joy...everything on the table is so perfect for the coffee theme, the coffee bean tablecloth is wonderful, the plates are lovely, as is the stemware, but "Juan Valdez" and his little donkey packed with coffee beans just steal the show! Yes, I ♥ coffee! Thanks for sharing.

  8. How cute. I love this one. Your so creative. I love donkeys myself so I loved this one. I have vintage donkey that has packs on his back that corks. I think it was for vinegar and oil. It has a lot of blue I like to use with my new Blue Fiesta. Didn't get to luck into the old stuff.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a Blessed Day,

  9. This table was the perfect companion for my morning coffee!

  10. I love the glass chargers! Wow! I love my coffee so this would be a great table for me.

  11. Oh, what a delightful table. I'm a fan of coffee and these colors are calling my name. Love the Vera cloth and the cute plates. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  12. Very pretty! I love the coffee theme. Coffee is a must in our house. My mom goes to the coffee pot first thing when she comes over. :)


  13. I'm so glad you enjoyed this fantasy with Juan Valdez! These are my favorite colors too....just love the serene look of it all. I need to pull that bag of beans out of the fridge and give it a big whiff!

  14. Wow you can almost smell the aroma! Love your vintage Vera cloth,

  15. Hi Melody, glad you stopped by to visit and I hope you come back soon.


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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