Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nice Weather For Ducks

It's another soggy day, but all is warm and welcoming over at Between Naps On The Porch for this week's Tablescape Thursday.  Join us with your very own tablescape.

Ducks are often the fall guys in the animal kingdom:
 bad weather - nice weather for ducks
powerlessness - lame duck
bad hair styles - ducktail
tasks that require no effort - duck soup
funny gait - duck walk
obliviousness - like water off a duck's back
final indignity, inglorious death - dead duck
when ducks triumph, it is only by chance, not skill - lucky duck
youthful gawkiness - (promise, turns out to be unfounded since the "duck" is a swan) - ugly duckling

This poor duck is so wet he's taken to wearing rain gear this year during our monsoons!

Vintage tablecloth with Post 86 Fiesta in Periwinkle, Chartreuse, Tangerine and Turquoise.  Licensed Fiesta glassware, Cityscape flatware, and Metlox Poppytrail Spiral candle holders.
(See yesterday's tablescape about my METLOX Candle Holders)


  1. Love all of your duck sayings. I never thought about it, but I guess they are getting a bad wrap.

    At least the one in the middle of your table is adorable!

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Love the duck with his rain gear. Cute table once again.

  3. What a fun, festive (no pun) table!

  4. Oh what a fun centerpiece!! The duck is great and the shoes. Those candlesticks are really cool,too.

  5. Your table setting is fabulous! I can't imagine anyone feeling down when they are sitting at that table...the duck theme is cute and clever, and the Fiesta dishes are fantastic.

  6. Your table is just Ducky!....wonderful, great, just right

  7. Awww, I love your ducks! Quack!!!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  8. Cute Table! I really like those candlesticks!

  9. What a cute and creative table! It's just perfect for a wet and rainy day. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  10. I love love that tablecloth and the glasses and dishes coordinate so perfectly, it is amazing, some may just take a quick look, wow, you just must really look at the incredible colors, soooo beautiful.,,,good job>>>Phyllis

  11. What a happy table! Love your Fiestaware...that color combo is wonderful.

  12. Your bright colours in your 'scape make the rainy days bright! Love that duck - perfect centerpiece! Great insight into duck sayings - never thought about that before!


  13. Now that is one fun tablescape! You made me smile with the unexpected:)

  14. And a quack quack back to all of you!

    Thanks for stopping by to see my cute duck. He's a favorite that I got several years ago at ... can you believe it... Ace Hardware! We have the most amazing local Ace with a great housewares department with all the old timey gadgets and new fangled baking stuff and cute ducks and stuff! He's a keeper!

    We are having some sunshine again, so I'm making some progress on pruning my roses and thinking thoughts of Spring!

  15. Very festive and cheery on a cold, wet winter day!

  16. Thanks Lynda! We had a sunny weekend, but the rain will be returning again in a couple of days. I'm so ready for Spring!

  17. Hi: Love your tablescape. It is so colorful and full of life. I especially love the red shoes. What a wonderful idea. Will be back soon. Cheers, Lia

  18. Tahnks Lia, those little ceramic shoes came from the San Francisco Flower Show a few years ago.

  19. Your tables are always a splash(LOL)! This one especially. Love the duck, love the clogs. Where do you get all of your lovely vintage tablecloths?...they always look in perfect condition and vibrant. Beautiful table.

  20. Thanks Lucky!

    Many of them come from eBay, but flea markets and some antique malls are also good sources!

    Thanks for your lovely comments, I am glad you enjoy the tables. :-)



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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