Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish .... Chartreuse Fish!

Grab a nice cold glass of Sauvignon blanc from over there on the counter and join the cooking crew at Designs By Gollum for today's episode of Foodie Friday!

It is getting very fishy around here at The Little Round Table.  While the koi in our pond will pretty much be going in slow motion for the next few weeks with the cold weather, it is heating up inside with seafood and fish on the menu as well as the table. Tonight's menu isn't fish, but soup that will warm your soul with the heat of some chilis and clean out your refrigerator vegetable drawer as well.

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And now we have Chartreuse Fish!

Blue Fish will be along later this Spring!

Vintage tablecloth with Post 86 Fiesta in White, Chartreuse, Lilac, Plum and Juniper.
The embossed underplates are also Juinper, but they are from a very
limited line called Fiestaware 2000.

Napkins and napkin rings are from Pier 1

The Lilac Carafe was not officially produced, which makes it quite rare.
The underplate is vintage Rhythm by Homer Laughlin China.

The stemware is from Macy's years ago and the "bottle" candle holders came
from a catalog also years ago....can't remember which one.

The smallest of the Post 86 Lilac platters.

This fish-scale specialty bowl is vintage Homer Laughlin.

The individual disc pitcher in Lilac is sitting atop a vintage
Homer Laughlin OvenServe shirred egg plate.

Vintage Jadite custard cups in their original wire rack will hold toppings for the soup.

And the food for this festive table?

A simple one pot meal that is filling and hits the spot on such a cold drab evening.
My family always called this Garbage Soup, but if that seems a little indelicate for your taste,
then let's call it Leftovers Soup.

No real recipe except for mixed beans, a 15oz can of stewed tomatoes, chopped onion,
a couple cloves of garlic, a couple of chili peppers to spice it up, a ham bone
with a  good deal of meat still on it, salt and pepper to taste and 2 small lemons quartered.

Simmer the beans in a big pot of water until tender, but NOT soft and falling apart.
Add the tomatoes, onions, chilis and the ham bones to the pot.
You may also add celery, carrots or whatever leftover vegetables you may need to use up.
Simmer anywhere from a couple hours to 4 hours, do not BOIL.

I wait until the last 10 minutes or so to add things like small florets of
cauliflower or chopped cabbage. Discard the lemon quarters before serving.

I leave all the meat on the ham bones (leftovers from a spiral cut ham were used here)
until the end when I remove the bones, carve the ham off and add it to the
individual bowls.Toppings can be whatever you like,
chives, sour cream, fried tortilla strips go really well with this soup.

The soup is NOT thick like a lot of tasty bean soups, but is instead a lot more like
a vegetable broth with a large dose of lemon flavor, followed by the bite of the chilis.
Unusual and tasty tasty tasty.


  1. Beautiful colors on the cloth and the dishes. That soup looks um um good!

  2. Wild colors, but oh so fun! You have an amazing collection and are fount of knowledge.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. I love the colors you are using here.
    And, the soup looks soooo good.

  4. I love your lime and lilac color scheme. I have a few lime Fiesta dishes--and the same green vegetable bowl.The soup looks heartwarming and delicious!

  5. The chartreuse fish look fantastic! My day is off to a good start with this tablescape!

  6. Just love your table, it is so colorful and beautiful. I want to come to dinner!! lol
    So cheery makes you feel like summer.
    Hope you enjoyed your dinner, don't see how you couldn't!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  7. I love your tablescape, but that tablecloth is fabulous!

    Love your Garbage Soup recipe. When I was getting married about 40-years ago, my husband's aunt gave me a Tupperware bowl. She explained it was to put in all those leftovers that weren't enough to save, but you didn't want to waste. You kept adding to the bowl until it was full and then you knew it was time to make soup. Garbage Soup would be the perfect name for it!

  8. What a colorful table. It really is perfect to beat away the winter blues. I also think your soup sounds delicious. I hope you are having a wonderful Foodie Friday.

  9. I love the combination of purple and green and your soup sounds DELICIOUS!!!

  10. This soup was so good, I'm having another bowl of it again tonight! And it freezes well, so I'm set for those evenings when I just have NO inspiration to come up with something to make for dinner.

    Thanks for all your lovely responses to this very playful tablescape!

  11. I came to visit the fish, and I left with a new soup recipe. How did you know, my friend? Cooking and 'scaping with you every day, but I still miss you tons.


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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