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Sunday Favorites: Breakfast At Grandma's House

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Orignally published September 23, 2009

The only things missing from this table that evokes memories of breakfast at Grandma's house for me are the waffle iron (how many times did I burn the underside of my forearm on that thing???) and the toaster with the two flip down sides.

The pantry fabric used to make the tablecloth is similar to the fabric that used to hang over all the canning jars filled with wonderful treats like spiced peaches, watermelon pickles, and some sort of cucumber pickles ...... makes me salivate just to remember.  In the intense heat of a Kansas summer the cellar was the place to be and more than once my cousins and I raided the spiced peaches, carefully washing the empty jar in the laundry tub and placing it on the shelf that held the "empties."  Do you think she ever knew?

Ivory, Scarlet and Black Post 86 Fiesta, an official Post 86 accessory napkin holder, vintage glassware, Cityscape flatware, contemporary napkins and napkin rings.  Also shown is the electric Hankscraft "Fiesta" egg cooker with ceramic poaching bowl and metal ring for making soft/medium/hard boiled eggs.  The amount of water poured in by the teaspoon determined how long the eggs cooked and when the steam stopped, the power turned off and it was time to eat!

Lid on for boiled eggs.

And here the lid is on with the metal ring removed and the ceramic poaching dish inserted.

Several pieces of Universal "Cattail" made for Sears Roebuck are also shown, a cake tray, pancake set with batter and syrup jugs, and a large bowl shown with fruit in it.


  1. Pop! Love these colors of Fiesta dinnerware but your whole table is gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful week.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Such a fun and cheery table! It does make me think back to my grandma. It gives you a happy feeeling looking at this table!

  3. That's wonderful. Never new they had an egg poacher like that!!!

  4. Hi Candy...

    Girl, your fabulous table sure reminded me of breakfast at my Grandma's as well! Ohhh...what sweet memories! We often had you mentioned and she also had a one of those flip side down toasters! My Grandma made the best breakfasts ever!!! Your table is lovely...again, I just love all the beautiful colored's just soooo cheery!!! This is the first time that I've seen a fiesta egg cooker...totally awesome!!! I'd love to have one!!! Loved your breakfast table, my friend...thank you so much for sharing it with us today for Sunday Favorites!!!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  5. I really love your bright and cheer Fiesta table setting.

  6. What a bright beautiful table setting.

  7. Scott wholeheartedly supports the re-run of this's inpired me to do a proper Sunday breakfast for him!

  8. First a question...did you hang from the chandelier to take that photo from above? Be careful.
    I have had kitchen gadgets of all types but have never seen one of those egg cookers. That is so cool and retro.
    Your table is pure fun.

  9. I love your table - how wonderful to sit down at it for breakfast. I, also, have never seen an egg poacher like that. Very nice?!

  10. Weekend breakfasts are so great, time to slow down and enjoy the food and company! I'm glad you also have fond memories of Grandma's breakfast table.

    The vintage egg cookers come up all the time on internet auction sites, just make sure to check the vintage wiring and re-wire if need be.

    Lori - No I don't hang from the chandelier, LOL! I have an older Nikon Coolpix with the rotating side viewing screen, so all you do is hold the camera up above you and rotate the screen to compose the shot! Every time I think I need a new camera, I weigh that against giving up that unique feature. So I'm still using my generations old camera. :-)


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