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Sunday Favorites: Butia Palm Jelly

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This was a post first published back on October 1, 2009
that I thought you might enjoy seeing again.

Butia Palm Jelly

I'm down to my last jar of this palm jelly from my last batch made in 2006, when we
moved and I had to leave my wonderful Butia capitata behind.
Plans are to plant one next Spring here in the new garden.
3 quarts of fruit yield 4 cups of finished jelly and it tastes great, very mild
apriocoty/tropical flavor.

It would make an awesome marinade/sweet sour sauce and unlike the written
accounts I did not find it difficult to remove the pulp from the large seeds.
If it is fully ripe it is not difficult to mash and remove the seeds.

Preparation of Juice:
3 quarts fully ripe fruit
6 cups water

Sort fruit, wash and remove sepals if still attached. Barely cover with water (about 6 cups), bring to a boil, cover and simmer for about 30 minutes. You can try to crush the fruit with a potato masher after it starts to cook; however, the seeds are so large that the masher only partially crushes.

Drain juice through colander, then strain two or three times through several thicknesses of damp cheescloth or some other thin clean cloth. Let set in refrigerator overnight because it will still contain lots of solids. Pour off juice leaving residue in bottom of container, and strain again. The juice may never be perfectly clear. The natural color is a yellowish amber. The jelly is much prettier if tinted with red food coloring.

 Making the Jelly:
5½ cups strained juice
1 box powdered pectin
Few drops red food color
7½ cups sugar

Measure juice into a 6- or 8-quart saucepan. Mix pectin with juice until dissolved, add food coloring, and bring quickly to a hard boil, stirring occasionally. Add sugar all at once. Stir until sugar dissolves. Bring to full rolling boil (a boil that cannot be stirred down); boil hard for 1 minute and 15 seconds, stirring constantly. Remove from heat; skim off foam with metal spoon. Pour into sterilized jelly jars, leaving 1/8-inch headspace. Wipe sealing edge clean and seal with new lids. Invert jars until all are sealed; stand upright to cool. Yield: about 8 half-pints.

And breakfast is the perfect time for this yummy jelly!

Leacock Quality Hand Prints "Mandalay" vintage tablecloth has appeared before here on this space.  Here's a breakfast setting with Juniper Fiestaware 2000, Deauville flatware, vintage glassware, vintage Fiesta Light Green Marmalade in a Royal Chrome rack, a vintage Light Green Syrup pitcher, vintage Oven Serve Bean Pot and a couple pieces of Pomona.


  1. I have never heard of this fruit! I'd love to try it.

    Love your table. So pretty with beautiful colors!

  2. Thanks Diann, it really is unique and evokes memories of Hawaii or other tropical climes, which would be more than welcome right now for me. A Pina Colada on the beach sounds just about right!

  3. Hi Candy...

    Well I must tell you...this is the first that I've ever heard of butia fruit...I guess that's what you would call them? I've never seen or heard of this kind of palm tree before...can you tell I'm from Colorado? Hehe! No palms here! The jelly sounds divine...apricot is my favorite fruit (next to raspberries) so if these sweet little fruits taste anything like an apricot...I would love it! This is just sooo interesting!!!

    I also really enjoyed your beautiful tablescape! You just have the prettiest tablecloths and I always stand in awe of how you coordinate your beautiful dishes! Love this shade of green and peacock blue together...simply gorgeous! Ohhh...and I love those dinner napkins too! Thank you so much for sharing your butia balm jelly recipe and your fabulous tablescape with us today for Sunday Favorites!!! you will have me wondering what that jelly tastes like! Hehe!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  4. Oh my, I've never heard of such a thing. Love the pictures of the fruit in all its stages of development!

  5. Happy to send you a hello from the Sunday Favs. group :)
    May today be a blessing for you and your family.
    The Muse

    Goodness your delightful table setting really puts an island dream to my thoughts this morning (most welcome in this winter).
    Fantastic botanical lush...
    Now, pass that jelly :)

  6. Thanks for the yummy recipe:) I love your table, you are a gifted decorator!

  7. Sorry I'm late - yesterday was a longer day than I had planned and didn't get to anyone's posts until now.
    This sounds yummy! Love your pictures and tablesettings with the beautiful vintage dishes.
    I also saw your garden posts - they are just gorgeous.

  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, I'm ready for some Spring weather or perhaps some beach weather today!


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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