Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tropical Treat

This was a table I set a couple of weeks ago, before our weeks of rain began.
At the time it seemed a little too "Christmasy" so soon after the holidays,
but now it seems like a harbinger of Spring ... it will come eventually I think.

Vintage tablecloth with Post 86 Fiesta in White, Chartreuse, Scarlet, Pearl
Gray and Juniper. The flatware in vintage Deauville, the glassware is from
Home Goods and the napkins came from Pier 1.


  1. I always adore your tablescapes!! I wish I had the Fiesta and BEAUTIFUL tablecloths you have!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful tablescapes with us regularly. I've learned alot about Fiesta from you!

  2. Thanks Susan, so glad you stopped by for another infusion of color! We're still in the dark days of January here in Northern California. I'm thinking of taking a trip somewhere to see if the sun is still really up there above all these clouds. :-)

  3. "Tropical" is a great thought for January!

  4. Hi again Daphne -

    I'm needing a huge infusion of tropical right about now! We've had an inch of rain everyday for a week now......I think I'm developing webbed toes!


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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