Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where Do You Store All Those Dishes?

Welcome to another episode of Show and Tell Friday with our hostess Cindy
over at My Romantic Home. Join all the other participants to see what they have to show
and tell about this week.

Probably the most often asked question on The Little Round Table is, "Where and how do you store all the dishes and accessories??" Which got me to thinking about what I actually do and is there a logical plan involved.

Main Entry: store
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: collect and put aside

Synonyms: accumulate, amass, bank, cache, clear away, clear up, cumulate, keep, keep in reserve, lay away, lay up, lock away, lock up, mothball, pack away, put away, put by, put in order, reserve, salt away, save, save for rainy day, sock away, squirrel, stack away, stash, stash away, stockpile, store away, stow, stow away, tidy, tidy away, tidy up, warehouse

Some of the synonyms for "to store" sound a bit "obsessive" ...... well yeah, I'm guilty!  There was a plan when we designed our retirement home out in the boonies of the San Francisco Bay Area.  We bought the land in 2004, spent a year permitting the land and construction details, built in 2006 and moved in the last week of October 2006.

I had a plan for where everything would go and implemented said plan as we moved over several months time from our prior home about 40 miles away.  Then about six months ago I started reconfiguring where things "lived" in the new house.  It's a classic pattern for me.  The actual living in a house for a couple of years, generally dictates where things should really be.

A post about my kitchen last week on Show and Tell Friday showed where my vintage Fiesta is now displayed.  It was in a glass front display closet in the pantry hall, but that's all changed and other things are now on the move too.

My "good china" has always lived in the base of the antique pine hutch, which can be seen on some of the posts from the last few months like this one from November. Great storage, but difficult to get to on the low deep shelves, as I finally acknowledge that my knees and lifting power are not what they used to be.

So now the "good dishes" live in this reproduction French Directoire cabinet, along with some large serving pieces and sets of decorative dessert/salad plates.

Storing all the cups and soup bowls always takes up so much shelf space, so I installed plain old cup hooks to save space.  It works incredibly well and about doubles the ususable space on that particular shelf.

So that's my perfect solution for the "good dishes," still to come are all the other dishes, the linens, the accessories, glassware and flatware. Stay tuned and I'll get to those in coming weeks.


  1. Hi Candy,

    I guessed this is my first visit here. My, Im speechless. You have arrange all the dishes so neatly and l love the way put in all in that display cabinet of yours.

  2. I love the hooks! Looks beautiful and so functional

  3. I inherited a set of dishes that have very similar bowls. That idea of using hooks is a good one. Thanks!

  4. Love the old 'distressed' cabinet!!!

    My Show n Tell, HERE, ---it's 32 degrees out, and I have one lone iris blooming!!! Come see the rich beautiful purple!! the dead of winter.

    Happy Friday!

  5. I am so glad you put your good dishes where they can be seen and enjoyed! They are lovely and deserve to be on display! Cup hooks are a great idea, too.

  6. Welcome Gee!

    And thank you everyone for taking the time to visit my little place in blogland! I'm enjoying having these in their new cabinet where I can see them all the time. :-)

    Stay warm and safe everyone.

  7. Hi Candy, It's interesting that so many of us are inspired to get organized this year. I just recently did a post about my organizing ideas too and moved much of my china cabinet around to make room for my everyday things and it's working so much better.
    What a great idea I must get some little hooks.

  8. I love your cupboard and your dishes. such a lovely display.

  9. I love that black cupboard...boy, I could use one of those in my home! It is beautiful!

  10. Great Show & TELL!!! I relate with the knee issue and need to think about re-adjusting my Noritake! Thanks for the tips. I love the cup hanger idea. How simple, but never thought of it because we associate them with mugs. Good to think out of the box and you did.

  11. Happy New Year
    Oh my good to know other people do have those shifting around and finding the perfect spot for all those dishes....I am a dishoholic who really has run out of room! I've been "spring cleaning" and organizing myself and really like that idea about the hooks. They look so nice in your cabinet also.

    I've had a nice visit and I will be back. I am going to be a Follower. I hope you'll come and visit also.


  12. I really like your cup hooks. The way you've put them together is really a space saver. Lovely pics. I could look at dishes all day!

  13. These photos are very inspirational!

  14. Awesome display of your beautiful things. I too really like the way you've placed your cups on the hooks, taking less space. ♥

  15. Wow, you have so many beautiful dishes! Lack of storage space is what keeps me from buying more dishes! It's always so wonderful to see so many others that love dishes as much as I do!

  16. Good Morning from the still wet, cold and GRAY state of California!

    I'm glad you all are enjoying seeing how I display some of my dishes and I thank you for your nice comments.

    Tune in on Friday for part II when I'll give you another peek into where all these dishes and accessories live in my house.


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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