Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where Do You Store All Those Dishes? Part 2

Oh my ....... in a rush here to join everyone over at My Romantic Home
for another Show and Tell Friday! Join the fun and show off your stuff!

A post about my kitchen two weeks ago on Show and Tell Friday showed where my
vintage Fiesta is now displayed. It was in a glass front display closet in the pantry
hall, but that's all changed and other things are now on the move too.
Last week I showed you where my "good dishes" now hang out.


The most often asked question on The Little Round Table is, "Where and how do you store
all the dishes and accessories??" Which got me to thinking about what I actually
do and is there a logical plan involved.

Main Entry: store

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: collect and put aside

Synonyms: accumulate, amass, bank, cache, clear away, clear up, cumulate, keep, keep in reserve, lay away, lay up, lock away, lock up, mothball, pack away, put away, put by, put in order, reserve, salt away, save, save for rainy day, sock away, squirrel, stack away, stash, stash away, stockpile, store away, stow, stow away, tidy, tidy away, tidy up, warehouse

Some of the synonyms for "to store" sound a bit "obsessive" ...... well yeah, I'm guilty! There was a plan when we designed our retirement home out in the boonies of the San Francisco Bay Area. We bought the land in 2004, spent a year permitting the land and construction details, built in 2006 and moved in the last week of October 2006.

I had a plan for where everything would go and implemented said plan as we moved over several months time from our prior home about 40 miles away. Then about six months ago I started reconfiguring where things "lived" in the new house. It's a classic pattern for me. The actual living in a house for a couple of years, generally dictates where things should really be.

This is an antique corner cabinet that is functioning as a kind of transition cabinet for dishes on the move.  The holiday season finds all kinds of dishes displaced for seasonal decor and it usually takes me several weeks or longer to get everything tidied up again.  I'll be redoing the large pine hutch soon and some of these dishes are destined to end up on display there soon. This cabinet used to have solid wood doors, but a couple of years ago Mr. TLRT put glass in them for me.
Such a DH.

On top right now is an old French hammered pitcher and a vintage
Hungarian bread dough bowl which was used for the bread while it was rising.

On the top inside shelf is my childhood tea set ...... sans the creamer.  Long story short,
I broke the creamer in the midst of a temper tantrum.  I kept the pieces for years and years,
but sometime in the last decade or so the pieces have gone missing. :(

The next shelf is holding a variety of things that need to be reunited with their like items.
An OvenServe Pitcher by Homer Laughlin, a few of my 1939 World's Fair toby style mugs,
and a Homer Laughlin milk pitcher.

These are some of the Portmeirion Pomona pieces that are difficult to store
because of their size.....soon to end up back on the pine hutch.

And lastly some of the pieces to my large set of Mexicana by Homer Laughlin.  I sold off a
good portion of this set a few years ago and will probably eventually sell the remaining pieces.
It is a lovely vintage pattern, but pretty susceptible to chipping and the decals don't like
knives. For now it will continue to live with me ...... or maybe it will always live with me.

That's this week's chapter of "Where Do You Store All Those Dishes?" ,
more next week about a large pine cabinet in the pantry hall. I hope to see you then.


  1. Beautiful show and tell today. I absolutely love your tea set. I also have a tea set posted today, but much different than yours. Drop by if you can.


  2. Hi Candy,

    I too love to collect dishes and Im showing one of my collection in Show n Tell Friday. I love yours too and of course the portmeirion. Thought of buying the set but i havent done so. I love the botanic garden n variation pattern more. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, all your dishes are so awesome! Everything looks wonderful!

  4. I love dishes!! You have some beautiful ones!

  5. I think I like the Hungarian bread bowl and the hammered pitcher best...but boy...what a grand collection!!! All of it.

    My Show n Tell is posted now. Do come visit if you can find some time today. It's...


  6. Very cool. I looked back at your post about where you store your good china too. My friends keep nudging me to do a post about where and how I store. I too have a system, but the problem is I keep adding to my collections and there never seems to be enough space. Looking forward to how you store your linens. I've got the tablecloths in pretty good order, the placemats are OK but couuld be better and teh napkins are a work in progress.
    - The Tablescaper

  7. I love your cabinet it's very pretty and there is quite some room in it too !

  8. I absolutely LOVE your pieces. I often see beautiful plates or dish sets and I want so bad to drag them home but I have NO WHERE to put them. In fact I have some beautiful tea sets stored in boxes in the garage because I have no china cabinet and my dear husband is very much against me getting one! But I do keep buying those! LOL! Thanks so much for sharing your pieces. They are so very lovely! Have a wonderful weekend! -April

  9. I love your little childhood tea set! You are so good an organizing it all. I would dare show everyone what my storage looks like under my hutch! I need to organize it better. Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a collection! I love that red french pitcher-amazing!

  11. Well you really answered that question for me. Thanks.

    Jan, BellaCasa

  12. I think a dish collection is always in a state of flux. And my definition of a collection is something that is never complete....there is always something to add to the collection and isn't that most of the fun of it? The "hunt" is all part of the obsession.

    I'll be doing additional posts over the next few Show and Tell Fridays about the additional places that I find to store all these things. The idea is to NOT put them away, but to have them be very accessible so they will get used and enjoyed. Where did the whole concept of saving "good things/dishes" come from? I love having the things in my collection, but I really really love using the things in my collection.

    April - Find an underutilized closet or even a set of shelves in a basement, laundry or heaven forbid the garage!! And yes, I do have glass fronted cabinets in the GARAGE with dishes in them! And my closet, and several other closets, and my laundry room and several more you see why I have enough material to keep posting on Show and Tell for several more weeks!!


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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