Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's a rainy day again here in California and I'm joining in for

I had planned to post some pictures of all the darling little new calves that have joined the
herds that graze around our property, but the mamas must have them up in the trees or
down in the lower pastures.  Not a calf to be seen today, so here are some of our older
friends that visit with us as they graze for new Spring greens. 

Our homeowners association has 2000 acres of open space leased to a local rancher for
purposes of grazing his cattle.  In addition to that the cattle graze portions of the 25 lots that are
not protected by barbed wire.  It's a good deal all around, there's a great tax break for open land
used in this way, the cattle get a free lunch and we get the benefit of no high stands of grass
and weeds that by law would have to be mowed before the fire season.

These cattle are a sturdy bunch.  Water in the form of a couple of tanks and the mandatory
innoculations is about all the help they receive.  They fend for themselves year round and
forage for food on their own.  I admire their fortitude and the calm attitude they have
about the world.

"You talking to me???"

One bird picture pretty much looks like the next one, but I assure you that these are brand new
today, not recycled from previous posts about the antics of the California Quail that are gathering
daily to raid the bird seed bowls on our patio.  It seems they have totally forgotten their manners
and are now not even pretending to be guests.  They just dive in to gobble up the good stuff,
not just the seed that falls to the ground.  These were again taken from inside through the
window, they still skitter off if I venture outside.

As I drove down to our communal mail drop this afternoon, I took a swing around the neighborhood to see what the equine population was up to.  They were all having a
very bad hair day and were grumpy too. Poor babies are wondering where Spring went.


  1. Beautiful photos...I just love those little quail and never tire of seeing them.

  2. Those cows sure like to show off don't they? Beautiful horse pics too!~

  3. Look at those farm animals! They are just enjoying the green pasture. And I love that quail "convention".

    Great photos!

  4. These photos are so great. I love the cows! And the quail convention killed me. Beautiful photos. It looks like our part of California....

  5. Thanks ladies ..... a constant source of amusement watching all these critters, but then I am very easily amused! LOL

  6. LOve all your photos...especially the cows! I grew up on a farm and don't get to see too many now. I'm so happy to see all the quail!..where we live in east Texas ther aren't many around.

    Happy OW!!

  7. Love all the critter shots! Poor horses, they do indeed look like they were having a bad day. Love the quail convention! Love the face of the camel colored cow.

    ~ Tracy

  8. These are great photos! The setting is so serene. I enjoyed them, Joan

  9. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I do appreciate it! It's a rough world out there for all these critters, but they just keep on doing their thing.

  10. Wow, I wish I saw such sights just tuddlin' around.

  11. They are fun to watch, especially in the Spring when the babies are so new. And we get the enjoyment without taking care of or owning them!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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