Friday, February 19, 2010

Post Script to the Cloche Party

I've received quite a few emails asking where I purchased the largest of the cloches that I posted for the Cloche Party, so I thought I would post the details here.

It is made up of several different elements:

The base to a clear glass covered cake stand that I purchased at K-Mart in the mid '70s.

A Danish glass cake plate that I gifted to my mother-in-law also in the '70s and that she left to me when she passed.

A glass dome that I borrowed from a bear thingy I made years ago.  Glass Dome

A bobeche from a chandelier

And a Danish crystal shot glass that was a  gift from a friend. (attached to the top with museum wax)

The nests and eggs (so perfect!) came from French Garden House

The little egg topiary came from Michael's

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