Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where Do You Store All Those Dishes? Part 6

It's time for Show and Tell Friday hosted by Cindy over at My Romantic Home.
Join all the participants as they show and tell about their lives.

It started with a post about my kitchen a few weeks ago on Show and Tell Friday showing where my vintage Fiesta is now displayed. The vintage Fiesta was in a glass front display closet in the pantry hall, but that's all changed and other things are now on the move too.

Then I showed you where my "good dishes" now hang out.
Part 1 Post

And a corner cabinet that functions as a kind of transition solution,
when things are moving about. Part 2 Post

Then came the antique pine store fixture that holds a lot of
dinnerware and accessories in the Part 3 Post


Next I showed you the first of a pair of glass fronted closets that
are in the pantry hall that leads to the laundry room Part 4 Post

And the second closet was Part 5 Post

This week is pretty straight forward, I keep most of my glassware in the base of
this antique pine hutch.  I had always kept the "good" dishes in the base
of this cabinet, but found that getting to them was difficult and some fine
china was harmed trying to lift stacks of plates up and out of the deep shelves!
The glassware is easy to see and light weight enough to get out without injury to me or my
dinnerware!  A good solution for me and an excuse to buy my new "good dishes" cabinet.

Next week I'll give you a peek into the "linen cabinet" .......
tablecloths, napkin rings and flatware hang out together in another old pine cabinet.


  1. I have been fascinated by your posts showing where you keep all your dishes. Such wonderful storage pieces! I love keeping the glasses like that, good idea. Heavy china is too hard to lift from the bottom of those cabinets. Can't wait to see you linens next week.

  2. WOW!! YOu have a TON of beautiful dishes!!! You could open your own restaurant and probably still have some leftover, LOL!!! How long have you been collecting? Thanks for sharing!!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)
    Luvkittysmeowmail at Gmail dot com
    Butterfly Whispers

  3. Wow, it's like a store. I did not know you have so many dishes and glasses. I love the last pine cupboard. That is beautiful.

  4. I love the pine beautiful. Wow, you do have alot of dishes!!

  5. Man, could I have fun at your house! I collect and sell antique and vintage English transferware and I too am a dish-o-holic. Your collection is FABULOUS, fun and cheerful!

  6. I recently started a new division of AA...ApronAholics. I think you could be a DishAholic...would you like to join my AA? I'm still on Step One...SellOne~BuyTwo!
    I've enjoyed your tablescapes so much and wondered where all those different settings came I know! The Fiesta is amazing and the glasses....I'm going out today and getting those Green Stems I saw yesterday at SalvArmy....I will find a place!

  7. OMG!!! So many dishes! And you are so lucky to have the space to store them!

  8. Thank you all for your nice comments!

    Yes, I do have a lot of dishes.....I've been collecting "stuff" all my life and since I am OLD now, that's my excuse for having so many dishes! I've only been officially collecting Fiesta since about 1988 .... and yes, a restaurant is an actually possibility as far as number of place settings go! LOL

    When we will this house in 2006, I made sure I had places to keep all this stuff accessible so that I could actually use it! (Even so, I do have things stored in the garage that I haven't gotten to since we moved in 3 years ago....gotta get to those soon!)

    Again thanks for all your generous compliments!


  9. That fruit china is lovely. It is really shining in that hutch.

  10. Wow! That about sums it up:)

    So many beautiful dishes and glassware - I'm in awe of it all!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. I am always amazed to learn you have even more dishes and glassware than I thought! I love seeing where you store all of it. I thought I had a lot, but you win!

  12. You are so organized, I'm jealous. It looks like a little shop in your house and that's a good thing!

  13. Thanks ladies! I hope you all stop back again on Friday for a post about where all the tablecloths live.

  14. I'm looking around a bit tonight. I've missed a lot of posts of late and trying to catch up. I definitely need more storage for dishes. I'm on the search for the right piece of furniture.
    Thanks for sharing these photos. Your pieces are fabulous!

  15. Thanks Sarah, I'm glad you stopped by! Feel free to look around a bit and I hope you come by again soon.


  16. This pine cabinet is so darling! I love it!


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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