Monday, March 29, 2010

A Bear In Rabbit's Clothing

I'm joining Marty over at A Stroll Through Life for her Tabletop Tuesday party!

The Easter Bunny and his furry friends held their last meeting before the big day,
which is drawing very close now. A simple tea in the garden with plans for
"the best egg hiding place" being one of the main talking points.

Mr. Bear, wearing his favorite "I'm a Bunny at heart hat" gave the keynote speech
on "Easter Safety Tips for Household Pets"

1. Easter floral arrangements should be kept out of the reach of household pets,
especially those containing Lilies, amaryllis, and kalanchoe.

Chocolate is toxic to pets due to the ingredient theobromine. Different types of
chocolate contain different levels of theobromine, but any amount is considered
dangerous. Any candy containing Xylitol can be toxic to pets.
Please do NOT hide chocolate in your garden where it might be found by a pet.
Some of the other food stuffs that may be dangerous to your pets:
Alcoholic beverages
Apple seeds
Apricot pits
Cherry pits
Coffee (grounds, beans, chocolate covered espresso beans)
Hops (used in home beer brewing)
Macadamia nuts
Moldy foods
Mushroom plants
Mustard seeds
Onions and onion powder
Peach pits
Potato leaves and stems (green parts)
Rhubarb leaves
Tea (caffeine)
Tomato leaves and stems (green parts)
Yeast dough

3. Cellophane Easter Grass
Easter grass is the close cousin to Christmas tinsel and it can be a serious pet safety
issue as well. The strands can get caught in the intestinal tract which can result in
life-threatening obstructions. Replace cellophane Easter grass with a safe alternative
like shredded newspaper.

4. Table Scraps
Table scraps can pose lots of health hazards to your pets. Many table foods can not be digested by
dogs or cats which can lead to gastro-intestinal upset. Remember that improperly handled Easter eggs pose the same threat to your pets that they do to you.

5. Baby Chicks and Rabbits
Instead of purchasing a live chick or a bunny for a child's Easter basket, consider a
stuffed animal instead. The toys don't pose potential health risks, can withstand tight
squeezes, and don't end up at the local animal shelter by May Day.

Sir Homer of Laughlin was the delegate in attendance from the "Household Pets United Association."  He kept his distance, but was very attentive during the safety tips presentation.

Please have a SAFE and Happy Easter!


  1. I will be sure not to feed any of my stuffed animals chocolate! I'll eat it for them..:)
    I don't have any pets..just the deer who eat my flowers, and they are REALLY annoying..
    Happy Easter!

  2. Forgot to say how cute your table is, and I am so loving that new paper grass. That cellophane stuff is nasty!

  3. Your table top is one of the cutest I've ever seen! How adorable!

    I love the way you set the stuffed animals up!

  4. Thank you for those tips! My 15-year old daughter was asking the other day why chocolate is toxic to animals, and I didn't have the answer. Thanks to you, now I do! (And we're not letting our pets have any of the wine, either, LOL) Have a happy Easter!

  5. Oh My Goodness. Just look at all those adorable guests that showed up for lunch.. I have to get my little neighbor girl over here tomorrow and show her your special luncheon.. She's gonna love it....~!!


  6. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. So pretty and so unusual. I love all of your stuffed friends and they are indeed enjoying a special tea. I wish I was there. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  7. Candy, I love the animal Easter tea party! So very, very cute and your garden is looking beautiful! Your cat looks regal - and has a princely name. Great post! It was FUN!!!

  8. Thanks for all the pet tips! Your stuffed pet tea party looks like such fun!

  9. Great pics and I love the display !
    Happy Easter ~

  10. I LOVE this post..the pics are great.

  11. Just Darling! The whole setting with Tea, bunnies, and lambs! Loved the info. there was a lot there I did not know about! Thank You for joining me with your bunnies and lambs for Tea Time Tuesday!

  12. Such a sweet tea party! I love it.


  13. What a sweet little tea party! I love all your bunnies who are attending. I bet some little girl would have a ball at this tea party.

  14. This is really cute. My girls would have loved to take part.

  15. oh dear.. my fave tea party!.. would love to snuggles in between the wooly friends :-)

    thanks for sharing..

  16. Dear Candy,

    This is just so very sweet and adorable! Those dear little bunnnies 'at tea', in the garden; oh my, this is just too cute for words!..,

    Thanks for sharing these dear pictures, for all of the very informative and helpful info., and especially also for taking part once more with my 24th,'Tuesday Tea For Two', blog tea party!

    Just simply delightful!

    Pop by again, anytime my dear!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  17. Good Morning everyone!

    Thanks for stopping by to see my tea party and I do appreciate all your sweet comments!

    Beth - Homer says thanks for noticing him among all the fake furry creatures! He really was bent out of shape at all the goings on with these interlopers in "his" garden. I have a whole series of images of him being all twitchy while I set up the shots.

    He is a "regal" creature and has his own gold embellished Fiesta bowl made for him by The Homer Laughlin China Company a number of years ago. Someday I'll post about his special bowl.

    Happy Easter everyone!


  18. Your little tea set is wonderful!! Great reminders,,,we are a pet household and are very careful about chocolate and other no-no's.


  19. What a great post! Too many people are not aware of what is harmful to their pets. Sir Homer of Laughlin is appears to be very regal!

    I love your little tea party! Too cute!

    ~ Tracy

  20. adorable post girlie!! kitty is scrutinizing the affair. lol

  21. Cutest post ever this week! Smart to remind everyone about what not to feed your pets. My dog once ate a few candy kisses but was OK but I was up all night watching him and praying he would be OK. I was totally exhausted the next AM and my dog was running around like a maniac!

  22. How cute! It just puts a smile on my face!!

    Susan and Bentley

  23. Thank you all for stopping by and keeping your pets safe! Over the years we had a few incidents with pets getting into things that they shouldn't.
    Luckily with no lasting effects.

    Have a Happy Easter everyone!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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