Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bluebird of Happiness

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Today I am cranky.  We are in the midst of another series of monsoons and
icky gray weather. Living in California is a real privilege, but the last few years
of drought have spoiled us for what winter here is supposed to be like.  Now that
we seem to have returned to a normal winter of much rain and gray skies ....... yep,
I'm cranky.  I do know it is a GOOD thing and it will make the summer garden
grow like crazy, but I am feeling real cranky.

So in all my crankiness, I am pretending that I am OUTDOORS.
It is taking a lot of pretending.  These images were taken at 11:00 AM with the
power meter cranking over like a race car engine, since I had THOUSANDS
of watts worth of light bulbs on to light my very own outdoor experience.

Can you find my little keepsake Bluebird?
It's a little enamel bird given to me by a friend many years ago.
He's keeping the rest of the Bluebirds company on this pretty vintage tablecloth full of
Spring and birds and flowers!  I feel so much better.  Can you hear the birds singing?
I can.

How's your day going?

I promise to send some warm weather your way, as soon as it comes around again,
but in the meantime I guess our current storms will be visiting those of you to the East soon enough.


  1. With a table setting like that you cannot stay cranky too long. A beautiful job and I found your cute little bird. He seems to be enjoying being a part of the event.

  2. We will accept the bluebird as an outdoor symbol for this Wednesday.

  3. My husband was in the hospital yesterday. He had a stress test. Sent home today with doctors not knowing what is wrong with him. Stress is my middle name lately. Your bluebird of happiness made my day!
    Joyce M

  4. Love your table setting. And that pitcher is gorgeous!! You have the best tablecloths!!!

  5. Oh, I have TWO little bluebirds of happiness...I had forgotten all about them..
    Your table is just full of spring..love it!

  6. Fabulous table, Candy! It does chase away the grays inside and out. That cloth is on my wishlist to go with the Hall birdcage teapot. Do check it out on their website if you need a dish temptation!

  7. Candy, you set the most amazing tables!! I am so jealous of your tablecloths, napkins, Fiesta and accessories. I study every tablecloth and setting, too! As I've said before I wish I had started collecting Fiesta when I first caught the bug, but I'll dream as I admire your beautiful tables!

  8. That is one happy table! I love it, never saw a tablecloth like that, so cute! Thanks for the smile!
    And I am in the East, so far the snow melted after it hit the ground...so far!
    Southampton, NY

  9. I see your little bird! And what a beautiful tablecloth full of pretties to gaze at.

  10. I love your little bluebird! Love the cheerful tablescape. I hope the little bluebird brought you much happiness today.

    ~ Tracy

  11. Enough with the rain--I agree. I drove from SF to Cloverdale yesterday in this weather. Now have to drive back.
    Love that green pitcher! Your table is so colorful. A nice respite from the gray outside!

  12. Lovely...just love the color...such a happy table.

  13. Thank you all, you are too kind. It was such a gray day, but today is bright and sunny and my spirits are much improved. I hate being cranky.

    Joyce M - I'm so glad this post was a bright spot for you.

    Shirley - So funny about that pitcher. I went out and retrieved it from my garden shed (the one with all the fertilizer, old garden pots, rakes etc!). It was on our outdoor patio at the old house and aparently made its way to the shed in the moving process. I thought and thought about where it might be...some boxes have yet to be unpacked after 3 YEARS! I went out there to find something else and there it was just waiting to be loved again!

    Ms Vignette - I am also sooooo done with the rain. Makes one want to be a hermit rather than go out in the total mess.

    Stay tuned, hopefully with my improved mood there will be some fresh Spring tables upcoming!

    Candy ..... who is over her crankiness.

  14. This tablescape is just so bright and pretty! It really brightens one's day!

  15. You have brought that tablecloth (I have the same one) to a level of excitement! The table setting is so happy and bright that I would dare anyone to sit down and not grin ear to ear. Fantastic job with that!!
    ♥, Susan

  16. I love seeing the bluebird of happiness. Happy Blue Monday.

  17. What a cheerful place to be cranky in!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  18. Great table setting...It definitely makes me think of spring (my favorite season)

  19. That is a happy bluebird vintage cloth and table!! I saw your lil birdie.

    Girl, I'm cranky today too over momma drama. But, that is why I'm blogging. Ya'll always make me happy.

  20. Very pretty...it would be perfect for Christmastime! Happy Blue Monday :)

  21. What a colorful tablescape! I love it! The green pitcher is really unique and lovely, as is the bluebird tablecloth. Nice job, Candy!
    Blessings - Beth

  22. Beautiful bright Table !

  23. Candy,
    I can relate, after the storm comes thru you, they come to me in AZ! It has rained more this year than the last 8 years in a row and we are only in March! Your tablesetting is just too cute! I see your sweet little bird! The tablecloth looks like it was made for these Fiest colors! Unreal how perfect they match! Thank you for a great sunny table! Oh, by the way, it is raining here...:)

  24. Thanks for all your lovely remarks, I do appreciate it! My crankiness is pretty much gone, as I have spent the better part of this week working in my garden. Sunshine can do wonders for the soul and the garden.

    Another storm is due here on Friday, but that's OK....by then I'll be so muscle weary and sore, that being inside will be a good thing! LOL



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