Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Red Leaves and Roses for Rednesday

I'm joining in the party for Rednesday over at It's A Very Cherry World.
In this gray time of year a little bit of RED goes a long way to brightening the day.

I'm trying to wait patiently for roses from my garden,
this year it is turning into a very LONG wait.
This is a tablescape from last fall that is just a little red.

Red Leaves In The Fall
This is a vintage California Hand Prints
cloth shown with Pearl Gray, Chocolate and Scarlet Post 86 Fiesta.
The vase is the Millennium III also in Pearl Gray and the center bowl is Fiestaware 2000.

We had another monsoon yesterday, so the roses are a bit bedraggled.


  1. Lovely, lovely tablesetting, and I especially love that tablecloth! And the napkin holders are really cute too!
    Happy REDnesday!

  2. Very pretty. I like your tablecloth and napkins.

  3. Ooooh - very pretty! Dare I say the napkin rings are my favorite? No matter, I like it all!

  4. What a gorgeous fresh look you have created ... I too love those napkin rings, they are very unusual.
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  5. All my visits here for rednesday inspired me to try my hand at a tablescape for a dinner party we had over the weekend. Wish I had remembered to take some pictures.

    But, we are having guest again on Sunday so I will give it another go.

    Love the red. So cheerful.

  6. I love beautiful tablesettings and this one certainly is! Red greetings, Floortje

  7. Love your tablescape, Candy! So nice to see your roses, even if they did get a bit tattered by the rain - we here in the midwest still have about 10 inches of snowcover so ANY flowers that are actually growing outside - FANTASTICO! Have a great day, Candy!

  8. Gorgeous Tablescape, love the napkin rings. Thank you for sharing your lovely photo's.


  9. Lovely Red tablescape! Gorgeous!

  10. I absolutely love your tablecloth. I have a collection of vintage tablecloths. The colors and the graphics, how can a girl say no. I think That is what I will show next week for my bit of color. Thanks for sharing yours.

  11. Your table setting just makes me feel happy! Those napkin rings are especially cute. Great post.

    Susan and Bentley

  12. Pretty! I love those napkin rings!!!

  13. What a lovely red and white tablescape! I love roses when they're bedraggled, too. Your coffee cup napkins rings are so darn cute. Really a beautiful table. Happy Reds~

  14. What a lovely table! And the red, white and brown is such a pretty combination!

  15. Beautiful table! I've looked around your blog a bit. You have the envy of everyone, where it comes to tableware!

  16. Thank you for a bright spot in my day. The scarlet and grey HLC are fresh and crisp. The tablecloth and napkins are right on.

  17. Beautiful reds !

  18. What a nice shade of red - it looks so nice with the brown!

  19. Hello all you lovers of RED! And thank so much for all your kind remarks. It's funny that when this was originally posted last fall, it was not noticed at all!! Or barely noticed would be more accurate, so I am pleased that it was a bright spot in your day and I thank you for all commenting on it this time around.

    I also love these napkin rings .... just too cute!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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