Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Rerun: Artichokes and Candlelight

On some weekends I'll be reposting some tablescapes from last summer.
Hopefully more visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy them on this second time around.
Originally posted in October 2009

Artichokes either steamed or stuffed require lots of butter and of course candlelight to diffuse all the dribbling and tugging of leaves until you reach the prize of the heart. Yummy.

This is a contemporary French tablecloth and napkins that feature the best tasting thistle around.

Silver chargers and candlesticks from Tuesday Morning, salad plates from Home Goods, vintage glassware, contemporary Fiesta dinner plates in Ivory, vintage Homer Laughlin covered muffin plate, sterling is American Directoire.

The napkin rings are handmade ceramic made in Texas.

The little piggy butter dish is Italian and came from Horchow decades ago.


  1. I love the table...that piggy butter dish is adorable!

  2. Your tablescape is awesome,,,,,,,,and the piggy butter dish is so unique!!

  3. Thanks Mimi and Susan! Little Piggy has had a damaged ear for years and years, but I still love him and it has now become part of his character and personality. :-)



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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