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Sunday Favorites: Reissue Harlequin Ironstone 1979-1983

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Originally posted September 2009

Produced by HLC for Woolworth's to commemorate their 100th anniversary. Harlequin was Woolworth's all time best selling dinnerware line. Reissue colors are Yellow, Turquoise, Coral,  and  (reissue) Green, which is more opaque than the original Harlequin Medium Green.

This is the brochure for the Reissue Harlequin line. Visit  "The Pottery Papers" ©   blog for additional HLC ephemera.

Reissue Sugar and Creamer and Individual Creamers on a Coral  Round Platter above.
Vintage Ball Jug (Service Water Pitcher) and Novelty Creamer below.

I found this set of Reissue Harlequin about 20 years ago in it's original box,
which sadly was infested with little tiny bugs.  The box never made it into the
house, but the dishes have been used and loved.  The glassware is vintage.

The wooden napkin rings came from Pier 1 a long time ago.


  1. Oh wow - - - it is SO similar to Fiesta Ware. Are they "related?"

  2. Wow!~ This is just so cheerful, so very colorful and sooo much fun! I love fiesta ware!

    You are most warmly invited to participate with my 24th, 'Tuesday Tea For Two' blog party meme on this Tuesday..,

    Thanks for sharing this post for dear Cheri's,'Sunday Favorites'!..

    Do pop by again sometime my dear!

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  3. Oops.., meant to say 'Reissue Harlequin'; but my it looks like 'Fiesta Ware' which I do love, yet this is so very fun and pretty, with great colours!

  4. All the pretty colors look so festive and are a joy to see after the bleak winter we've had.


  5. Wonderful dishes! The yellow is my favorite and the fish salt and pepper are outstaqnding!


  6. How beautiful. It's hard to believe it came from Woolworths, a dime store, when it looks like what they sell for big $'s at the high end stores. How lucky you are to have found a complete set. Absolutely gorgeous and I really enjoyed your post!

  7. Hello Candy...

    What an interesting post and utterly fabulous table, my friend! I grew up during "Woolsworth's heyday"! It's where I went to buy the latest 45 record hit! Hehe! I also remember sitting at their lunch counter where you could get that old fashioned daily plate special and the greatest cherry cola ever! Hehe! Ahhh...sweet memories!!! But...I must admit that I have never heard of the Harlequin dishes, in those fabulous colors, that they sold to commemorate their 100th anniversary! Wow!!! They really are gorgeous dishes and so fun! You set a beautiful table with them, my friend! In one of your photos...the one with the cups and saucers...there is the most darling little harlequin man posed. I was wondering if he belongs to you? I bet you were so excited when you came upon these beautiful vintage dishes...what a treasure find!!!

    Thank you so much for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites this week, my friend! Happy Sunday!!!

    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...just a little note (in case you missed it on my blog) I will be canceling Sunday Favorites next week...due to the fact that I'll be on vacation and it's also Easter Sunday! Hope to see you on April 11th!

  8. Good Mornign and thank you all for your generous comments!

    Harlequin was a line of dinnerware produced in the same time frame as vintage Fiesta and by the same company. Both were inexpensive lines and were meant to be mass consumed. This set of "reissue" Harlequin is slightly different than the original line produced in the 40s.

    The fish s&p was actually done for Chicken of the Sea and was one of those little give-aways for labels and a little money....too cute!

    Chari - the Harlequin doll is mine from Portugal when I lived in Europe as a kid. He's been around a VERY long time!

    Have a safe holiday!


  9. hello... I also was a very lucky lady in 1980 when I found a whole unopened box of the re-issued Harlequin fiestaware on a shelf in an old Woolworth's store. Do you happen to know if these sets are also radioactive?

  10. The amount of radioactivity in vintage Red Fiesta is NOT dangerous. It is so minimal, that you need not worry.


  11. I went to the Homer Laughlin factory in the spring of 1988. They had 16pc boxes of re-issue Harlequin. The set consisted of cups, saucers, soup/cereal bowl and 7" plate. It was called a Soup and Sandwich set. If I remember right, I paid $20 for it.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I got 2 of the 20 piece re-issue sets from Woolworth's when I married in 1981 ... I bought one set and my Mom bought me the other ... Wish they'd had the 45 piece sets that included a round platter, serving bowl, creamer and covered sugar bowl ...


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