Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fiesta - Best Color Ever and Best New Design

My cute guy in the brown suit driving his big brown truck brought me a reward for
spending the last few days doing our taxes!  In my opinion this is the best yet in
new releases by the Homer Laughlin China Company in their iconic
Fiesta dinnerware line. Just the cutest little bowls in the perfect sizes.

The color is "Marigold" and this is the set of Baking Bowls in 1 quart and 2 quart sizes to accompany the three larger Baking Bowls released in 2008 (limited run of 75 weeks in production) in anticipation of the upcoming 75th Anniversary celebration in 2011.

In 2009 the 19 1/4" platter (again for a limited 75 week run, which ends 9/01/10) in Marigold was released. This is truly a HUGE platter, shown below with the two small Baking Bowls and then in Ivory holding a 32pound turkey.


  1. Candy, love those Fiesta bowls! Looks like my old California pottery! I am sure curious to know what is above your photograph that looks like art work, has yellow and white stripes!
    Looks like something I would like!


  2. Very pretty color! i love fiestaware!

  3. Cute bowls, great color and I'm glad to see you posting again! PS-love the guy in the brown suit too!

  4. Welcome back from Taxland, Candy! It is the best color, isn't it? I think there are many more prep bowls in both our futures!

  5. Thanks for stopping by everyone! I do so love these little baby bowls!! I'm finding that I use them a lot more than their bigger siblings.

    Daphne.....I DO NOT need any more bowls!! LOL
    (When did NEED ever come into the equation anyway?)

    Nancy, that a mirror that I've had for years and years.....I think there is a picture of the whole thing in a couple of places...let me go find a link. I think it came from Ballard, but don't quote me on that.....okay I found one:

    Thanks again for stopping by!



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