Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Week In My Garden

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This last week has been a great week in the garden, everything is just bursting
with new growth and beautiful blooms.  We are in the midst of yet another
gentle Spring storm with just enough rain to give the garden the moisture it
needs.  First I'll take you to see some of the roses that are enjoying their first
flush of the new season.

This is my favorite yellow rose, 'Henry Fonda'

My favorite peachy pink rose, 'Norwich Castle'

A soft yellow all nestled in the lower foliage, this is 'Blythe Spirit'

A huge gorgeous deep pink rose, 'Brigadoon'

One of about six climbers in a soft peach called, 'Crepescule'

And as it fades it almost looks like old porcelain.

A yellow climber called, 'Golden Showers'

A pretty slightly floppy blousey white called, 'Penelope'

This vibrant always beautiful rose is 'Rio Samba'

Another pale yellow called 'Gold Cup'

A robust climber called 'Austrian Copper' that was cut down to about 30" a couple
of months ago is in full bud and ready to greet the warmer weather.

This is one of several 'Iceberg' climbers I have along the driveway, it was in full leaf when
we had a cold snap which yellowed the new leaves.  A dose of fertilizer will bring the leaf
color back in no time.

This is a 'Pink Iceberg' covered with big fat buds just itching to burst open.

Moving on to something a little more exotic, this is Melianthos major
sending up its burgandy/red flower stalks.

This is a cutting that I took late last fall and by putting it against a south facing wall
it picked up enough extra sunshine and heat to out distance the mother plant which is in
more shade under the Giant Timber Bamboo. It is a shrub ice plant,  Lampranthus copiosus.

An old garden favorite that both of my grandmothers loved, this is a no name
bearded iris given to me by a gardening friend.

That's it for today, storm clouds are coming in, more next week.


  1. Your photos are so beautiful, I almost smelled the roses. 'Norwich Castle' is my favorite. Thanks for sharing a lovely bouquet with us.


  2. Beautiful photos of amazing roses! I don't grow roses so I am always awed by people that do. The colors are so vibrant and the scent must be amazing. Great post! Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

  3. Oh, I love all your roses. Thank you for telling us the names of them. You have quite a variety! Great photography too!

  4. Oh my goodness your photos are gorgeous! I tried to pick a favorite rose and after 5 minutes of scanning up and down your post, I gave up! They are just beautiful!

  5. You have the most gorgeous roses! No blooms here yet, next month maybe. Your photos really showed their true beauty. :)

  6. gorgeous photos, looks like my garden, bursting with color~

  7. I love them all!! But yellow roses have always been a favorite. Your pictures are beautiful.

  8. Oh my goodness, these are so beautiful!


  9. Trying again. I am having trouble leaving comments today...but I was saying that the Rio Samba is my favorite. Stunning!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  10. What amazing pictures and lovely blooms. I wish I was at your house right now! My rose bushes haven't evenn started to come to life yet. Our only flowers now are spring bulbs. Thanks so much for sharing! Paula in Idaho http://bucketideasforgardening.blogspot.com/

  11. Thank you all for your generous comments! More roses are starting to bloom each day now....just love them! Do NOT be initmidated about growing roses, they mostly take care of themselves.

    My year long care program:

    1. Prune severely in late winter (that's California because they grow so fast!)
    2. Plenty of water during the growing season, never overhead watering (that's easy here since in rarely rains from Apr-Oct)
    3. Feed every 6-8 weeks with BAYER All In One (not the 2 in one, the ALL In One covers everything!)
    4. Dead head regularly and pick lots of roses to enjoy inside!


  12. The petals on the Norwich are so exquisite! Those are all lovely photos!


  13. What a gorgeous collection of color! My favorite is definitely the Rio Samba! Thanks for playing at Color Carnival :-)

  14. Love those roses! And that iris is gorgeous!

  15. What a wonderful stroll through your garden... :)

  16. Thanks everyone! The garden is exploding with color now that we are getting a respite from the Spring rains. More to come so stop back again on Wednesday or each day for a "Wordless" post.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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