Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Week In My Garden

I'm joining Outdoor Wednesday over at A Southern Daydreamer again this week.
Check out all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer.

It's about texture, aroma and color.

Gunnera tinctoria, one of my favorite plants with leaves that have
fabulous texture and can reach 5' across.

Melianthos major has interesting very aromatic leaves.

Phlomis fruiticosa - Jerusalem Sage has wonderful gray-green
velvety foliage that is also very aromatic.

Osteospermum - African Daisy

Lavatera maritima - Tree Mallow

Japanese Maple - 'Atropurpureum'

Ajuga reptans - 'Catlin's Giant'
(background) Hylotelephium erythrostictum - Sedum 'Variegatum'
(far background) Umbrella Grass and Vinca major

Ajuga reptans - 'Alfredda' Carpet Bugle

Calycanthus occidentalis - California Allspice

Cistus x purpureus - Orchid Rock Rose

Cistus x aguilarii - 'Maculatus' Rock Rose

Pelargonium cordifolium - Heart Leaved Geranium

I have a large collection of succulents that give great color and texture
to the garden throughout the year.

The Aloes start blooming during January and February and can last for months.

I hope to see you again next week in my garden.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Breathtakingly beautiful photos ... love the rock roses!

  2. Super photos. Just gorgeous!

  3. My gosh, what a garden! The photos are stunning.
    Jane T.

  4. Oh my word! You have a beautiful garden! I love Japanese Maple. Cute fish on the wall.

    ~ Tracy

  5. Gorgeous flowers and plants. Great photos!

  6. Every single one of those pictures was beautiful! You have got a stunning collection of plants. I do love the picture of the camellia with the bug on it!

    Best wishes and happy Wednesday,

  7. Superb post!

    Both your plants and photos are amazing.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  8. Your garden is just wonderful, so much life, and your photos are gorgeous to.

  9. WOW! You have quite the garden! So many species I haven't seen and I love all the different textures. Really, really nice. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Breathtaking! Japanese Maples are so stunning aren't they. All your flowers are beautiful.All the colors are lovely.

  11. Thanks to all of you for stopping by to stroll through my garden! And thank you for all your lovely comments. See you all next week in the garden.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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