Monday, May 31, 2010

Back Issues: The Little Round Table May 2010

I'm joining Marty and the whole gang for Tabletop Tuesday
over at A Stroll Through Life, come join the fun!

A look back at the tablescapes from August 2009 - May 2010.
You can see them all at the following link:

Below are the tablescapes that appeared here on The Little Round Table
May 2010

A Rose A Day - May 31

'Graham Thomas'

Deep yellow Shrub.

Registration name: AUSmas
Exhibition name: Graham Thomas ®

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's A Very Cherry Red, White and Blue Day!

I'm joining all the RED lovers over at It's A Very Cherry World for anther
Rednesday, bring your RED stuff and join the fun.

And Happy Mosaic Monday!

And there is plenty of BLUE this week in my tablescape to
happily join another Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally!
Happy Red, White and Blue Monday!

This vintage tablecloth sports some pretty dramatic tropical looking leaves and lots of 
stylized cherries.  Making the tablecloth shine are Shamrock, White, Sapphire and Scarlet
Post 86 Fiesta.  Glassware from Pier 1, the flatware is "Masquerade".  The bud vase and
bulb candle holders in Sapphire were not officially produced, so they make this table
pretty special.  The roses are 'Hot Cocoa' from my garden.  Vintage Cobalt Blue Riviera
butter dish.  The red "Betty Bowl" is a reproduction of a coupon premium item made for
Betty Crocker back in the hay day of mail in premium offers.  These reproductions were
offered in the Betty Crocker catalog prior to its demise a few years ago.

Have a safe a fun filled Memorial Day!

A Rose A Day - May 30

'Johann Strauss'

Pink blend Floribunda.
Registration name: MEIoffic
Exhibition name: Johann Strauss ®

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunday Favorites: Spring Chickens and Vera's Butterflies

It's Sunday, which means it is time again for  Sunday Favorites
over at Happy to Design.
Join in on the fun and post a link to a past favorite post from your blog.

Originally published February 17, 2010

I might be pushing the season a bit, but Spring is certainly in the air
here in Northern California.  Lots of new growth and reemergence in the garden
and so many more minutes of light each day.

This is a vintage Vera tablecloth with matching napkins.
Post 86 Fiesta in White and Sapphire, with decorative salad plates from
Tuesday Morning and Home Goods.
Napkin rings from Cost Plus about 20 years ago mimic Vera's butterflies.
The glassware is a mix of vintage depression glass and contemporary cobalt from
Pier 1.  Sterling is American Directoire.

I just love these chickens!

My constant companion and resident vintage tablecloth expert, sitting at my feet soaking
up the heat on this chilly morning.  Predicted to be around 72F today.....whoooohoooo!
Spring is on the way and I'm headed out to the garden.

Give-Aways, Blogiversaries, Advertising and Your Viewpoint

The Little Round Table has just passed the 9 months old mark.

I've been looking back at why I began to blog and where this adventure has taken me and where it will go in the future. I'm interested in your thoughts on give-aways, parties, memes, Blogiversaries, Followers and advertising. Or other areas that you might have opinions you would like to express here.

I'm asking for your input and help in figuring out the reason you might visit one blog or opt to visit an alternative blog that has some of the same general content. I thought about just posting a poll, but they are so limiting in their scope and I am interested in your detailed opinions on these topics.

I managed my own website for a number of years and after taking a break for a few years I came back to the Internet to find blogging in full swing, so I was way behind by the time August 2009 came around. I came into a full blown world of blogging and missed out on how it evolved over time. Clue me in on what you like, don't like, tolerate, or what you would like to see happen on The Little Round Table.

Questions I am rolling around in my brain ...... even at night when I should be sleeping and instead I am thinking about that oh so cute makeover I saw or someone's new set of dishes or a fabulous garden.....

What's your take on:
  • Advertising
  • Give-Aways
  • Parties
  • Memes
  • Blogiversaries
  • Cauliflower
  • Following – do you or don't you, public or private, or just use a reader
  • Purple
  • Music – this is really rhetorical, since I have music on my blog for me. :-)
  • Any other topic you would care to inject into the conversation.

These questions need answers because I am considering all of the above as August 23, 2010 approaches and should I have a PARTY???? Should I give away some really great stuff or maybe go for gift certificates? Should it be for only followers?? Should it NOT happen at all???

I'd like to make an informed (that is, take your INFORMATION) decision, so the more responses you that doesn't make you eligible to WIN anything LOL.....but the more input I get the better decision I can make.

Thanks in advance for YOUR input!


A Rose A Day - May 29

'Jeri Jennings'

Yellow blend Hybrid Musk.
Registration name: ARDjeri

Saturday Rerun: Tulip Time

On some weekends I'll be reposting some tablescapes from this past winter.
Hopefully more visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy them on this second time around.
Originally posted January 13, 2010

Classic blue and white with a twist of tangerine!

Vintage tablecloth with Post 86 Sapphire, White and Tangerine Fiesta,
salad plates from Tuesday Morning.

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