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After The Rain - Can You Say S Car Go? Plus Salad for Foodie Friday

Après La Pluie - After The Rain

I'm joining everyone for Tablescape Thursday, Susan's fab weekly party over at

I'm also joining Foodie Friday over at Designs By Gollum with another favorite
summer salad recipe. Check at the end of the post for the recipe.

Snails -  Love them on the plate, despise them in the garden.

One of my jobs in the garden when I was a little girl was to "collect" the snails.
Way back then there weren't the effective products to control the snail population
in the garden that are available today, so usually they were just picked by hand.
We had a bazillion of them in our gardens in Germany and I would harvest them
and keep them in aquariums with mesh over the tops. In the midwest I don't remember
them being a real issue, but here in California a rainy winter can bring on a bumper crop.

As our Spring rainy season continues into May......this after several years of near
serious drought conditions with few snails, the snail population is exploding. I use
a pet safe product to control them, but there are soooo many of them this year.

I learned to eat snails as a kid growing up in post WWII Europe and still  love
them today.  It's been awhile since I prepared them....Mr. TLRT is NOT a fan.
So when I began to put together this tablescape, I realized that I haven't used
or even seen my escargot trays or accessories since we moved here 3+ years ago.
My guess is that they are still in one of the packed boxes in storage in the top
of the garage.

Not gonna start unpacking more dishes today, so you'll just have to imagine
the cute tongs used to grasp the shells and the trays that the escargot should
be served in. Straight from the oven with sizzling garlic butter, the shells are held
in the tongs and the savory little morsels are pulled from the shells with pointy
little forks.

The escargot themselves come from a can, NOT the garden! They
are cleaned prior to being canned and their shells are cleaned and sterilized
prior to packaging. Always served with the best French bread you can find, the better
to sop up all that tasty buttery goodness!  They are a delicacy to be savored.

Amanita muscariaThen there are the mushrooms so popular in childrens' books, as Christmas ornaments and other decorations when I was a kid.
You may remember the mushrooms used in today's  floral arrangement, they also appeared
in another tablescape here on TLRT a couple of weeks ago:

And there is a post for Vintage Thingies Thursday today that shows these wonderful
fungi in one of my books from my childhood.

When I saw these plates from Anthropologie by French designer Nathalie Lete,
I just knew they were going to come live at my house.

So after all the babble from this blogger,
here is the Après La Pluie - After The Rain tablescape.
The Feur de Lys plates are also from Anthropologie, the sterling is American Directoire, crystal is Vera Wang "Infinity", napkins and crystal candlesticks from Home Goods, votives from Michael's, napkin rings from Crate and Barrel decades ago, and the vase is a contemporary one made to look similar to vintage Manhattan glassware. The little silverplate bowls are from Tuesday Morning ..... gotta love them at three for $10. The roses are 'Penelope' , a hybrid musk by Pemberton in 1924, from my garden.

Mushroom - Avocado-Tomato Salad
Equal parts sliced or diced mushrooms, avocado and tomatoes.
Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh lemon juice mixed with your favorite seasonings.
I like a lemon pepper mix or Spike's all purpose seasoning mix (it has a small amount of
MSG in it if you are sensitive).  These are Crimini brown Italian mushrooms, especially
tasty!  This salad is best dressed very lightly so you get the distinct flavors of the veggies.
Pine nuts are optional.

Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by,


  1. So beautiful and soothing- the tablescape and the music. I'm glad I found you. You made my afternoon. God bless.

  2. I've only had escargot on cruises. Learned to love it there. Those Anthropologie plates ... so gorgeous. I used my new Fiestaware for the first time this past weekend. I have one color ... so far. Please check out Tablescape Thursday tomorrow ... When I see yours I know I need to learn how to photograph better. Bear with me! Love your blog.

  3. i love love love your table! i have coveted these dishes for years, i NEED THEM! your table is perfection~

  4. Love the colors and your fun mushrooms -- I've never eaten escargot....maybe someday.

  5. Candy, what a delightful table! And I love those snail plates! Do you know I looked at the same ones at Anthropologie and want them bad! I love your whole table and your vintage sterling. I thought that one of your patterns was Hyperion by Whiting when I first saw it, but it's another wonderful pattern! And I adore your music. That was my grandmother's favorite hymn, and I can still hear her singing it in her garden, tending her roses! :-)

    The first time I had snails, I think I sent the shell sailing across the dining room. Fortunately, it didn't hit anyone. LOL! I love them. They are delicious and divine, and I'm the snail killer in my garden. I just squished several the other day. It's a nasty job, but somebody's got to do it! ;-)

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Candy, your little Anthropologie plates are cute, cute, cute. I'm not fond of escargot, but have to say that is table is a winner. I like to think of snails as you've pictured them in the storybook illustration, rather than the pests that invade my garden. I'm fighting them as well!
    Always find your tables to be sheer delight! ~ Sarah

  7. Absolutely Amazing Table! It is so gorgeous! I love the snail dishes. Your design is incredible!

  8. Fabulous tablescape! Love the snail/escargot theme and those plates are perfect! The stemware is lovely and the centerpiece terrific! I'm going back to look at this some more! Love the tablecloth too! Your photos are wonderful!


  9. Candy, I love your table! The girls gave me a set of those plates for Mother's Day. I was thinking of a garden theme, but your escargot one is better. And I love the illustration from your book. Haven't made escargot here in quite a while, but I know where the little dishes and shell tongs are - at my elder daughter's house! Like with some of the Fiesta, they got borrowed and haven't returned. LOL.

    As usual, your roses are TDF. I see your posts featuring them and think, "One day, when we get moved to the farm...." :-) I do have a Zépherine Drouhin blooming, but that's about it.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tablescape. It's one of my favs. You really are an artist.

  10. I appreciate you all stopping by to check out the snails and mushrooms today! And thank you for all your nice comments, I do love it when others "get" the tablescape thing I have going. :-)

    Splurgie, please let us know when you post pictures of your new dishes! I so love being an enabler when it comes to getting collectors started on Fiesta!

    Hi Becky! I am beginning to wonder about my escargot stuff.....I KNOW that neither of my kids has them. They are not adventurers in the world of food. LOL


  11. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I'm absolutely in love with your table setting! I adore those Anthropologie dishes. Perhaps I should beg and plead for a set. Where did those toadstool mushrooms in your vase come from? They're interesting! I'd love to see a close up of your hutch in the background. It looks like something I've been dreaming of for many years. :)

  12. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this vey fun, great table! You take the prize today for my very favorite tablescape :)


  13. Candy, I am in snail heaven! I love, love, love escargot!!!! ANd you are right- one needs a good french bread to sop up the butery/garlic yumminess! Your table is so pretty and cute and adorable all at the same time. Love the anthropologie plates.
    What a fun post! I am leaving happy and smiling!

  14. How positively charming! You have quite a knack for putting it all together, don't you?!!


  15. Thanks for all your "love" for this tablescape!

    Astrid, the metal mushrooms in the floral arrangement came from Kinsman Garden Company:

    There are some closeups of the hutch on one of the posts showing how I store my dishes and accessories:
    It was made for us from antique pine shipped in from England by a wonderful cabinetmaker in Marin County a dozen or so years ago.

    It's almost 1AM and for some reason I am craving escargot and lots of garlic butter! LOL


  16. I love the whimsy of your tablescape. Your salad looks lovely, too. Great pictures!!

  17. Thanks Kristen, I'm glad you enjoyed it!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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