Monday, May 17, 2010

Barbra Came For Dinner

Right in the middle of making dinner last night, the wind came up and stuff was flying all over the garden.  While retrieving my gloves and righting tipped over pots, I noticed a cane had snapped off my 'Barbra Streisand'.  So Barbra was an unexpected but welcome guest at my dinner table.

Edit 5/17/10

This is the product I use exclusively for rose care:


  1. Sorry to hear the branch broke, but so nice that Babs could join you for dinner! Beautiful!

  2. Barbra looks outstanding.

    I forgot, which Bayer product do you use to
    feed the roses. Thanks in advance.

  3. I think Barbra had a plan all along! It's like winter out there today, with BIG BLACK storm clouds and rain on the way. She's safe now, in the warmth of the kitchen. Believe it or not I have the furnace on and it is the middle of MAY!!!!

    Denise, the Bayer product is ALL IN ONE (not the 2-in-1 or other Bayer choices). I'll add an image to this post of the bottle. This size does 16 roses (2 oz mixed to a gallon of water per plant). Should be applied 3 times during the growing season. It's an amazing product and so very easy compared to the concoction of sprays and oils and other stuff that must be sprayed or applied at night, only in the morning, on consecutive days for a week......way too much work and not a way I like to spend my garening time!


  4. Those roses are beautiful. It has been a stormy spring here, too and we are having rain today. I also use that Bayer product and it is so easy.

  5. That a lovely last minute dinner guest!

  6. Thanks ladies! Barbra is still so pretty after several days in the house and the aroma is just wonderful.


    More rose images for this week can be seen at this link:
    This Week In My Garden: Roses and The Silly Kildeer


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