Saturday, May 29, 2010

Give-Aways, Blogiversaries, Advertising and Your Viewpoint

The Little Round Table has just passed the 9 months old mark.

I've been looking back at why I began to blog and where this adventure has taken me and where it will go in the future. I'm interested in your thoughts on give-aways, parties, memes, Blogiversaries, Followers and advertising. Or other areas that you might have opinions you would like to express here.

I'm asking for your input and help in figuring out the reason you might visit one blog or opt to visit an alternative blog that has some of the same general content. I thought about just posting a poll, but they are so limiting in their scope and I am interested in your detailed opinions on these topics.

I managed my own website for a number of years and after taking a break for a few years I came back to the Internet to find blogging in full swing, so I was way behind by the time August 2009 came around. I came into a full blown world of blogging and missed out on how it evolved over time. Clue me in on what you like, don't like, tolerate, or what you would like to see happen on The Little Round Table.

Questions I am rolling around in my brain ...... even at night when I should be sleeping and instead I am thinking about that oh so cute makeover I saw or someone's new set of dishes or a fabulous garden.....

What's your take on:
  • Advertising
  • Give-Aways
  • Parties
  • Memes
  • Blogiversaries
  • Cauliflower
  • Following – do you or don't you, public or private, or just use a reader
  • Purple
  • Music – this is really rhetorical, since I have music on my blog for me. :-)
  • Any other topic you would care to inject into the conversation.

These questions need answers because I am considering all of the above as August 23, 2010 approaches and should I have a PARTY???? Should I give away some really great stuff or maybe go for gift certificates? Should it be for only followers?? Should it NOT happen at all???

I'd like to make an informed (that is, take your INFORMATION) decision, so the more responses you that doesn't make you eligible to WIN anything LOL.....but the more input I get the better decision I can make.

Thanks in advance for YOUR input!



  1. Hi Candy,
    I am a follower of your blog. I like how you have branched out and are doing posts beside just tablescaping but I love that the most.. as for giveaways, I think they are fun and I have done several. I'm in the midst of doing six separate giveaways for my 60th birthday. You have to decide if you want to giveaway 'sutff' or gift cards. There are readers who will enjoy it all. I like to do giveaways for my followers but sometimes do others where a person can enter without being a follower. That is really up to you. No right or wrong about it. I don't know if you visit my blog but you can check out my giveaways if interested.

    Linda @ A La Carte

  2. I am also new to 'blogland' and pretty much have the same questions you do!
    As for Advertising, If it makes you some good money, I say, "Yes". But, someone tell me how I can also make money and how do I get advertisers? I made Adsence mad and they dropped me.. (long story but my family kept clicking, to 'help' me)...I filled the info for 'Blogher'.. (hope I spelled that right) I'm on hold until they are accepting again.
    I like the idea of "Followers"... it's like a village of friends...
    I'm not really into 'Giveaways', not sure why but I don't normally enter for that reason...I think we would get advertisers if we have 'giveaways'..? but I do like "the weekly party's", it allows bloggers to see "what others are doing" and "We learn something"
    Cauliflower,(?) not sure about that.
    As for "Music".. it bothers me and I usually lower my volume,, distracting?

    I hope my comments were of help.. as you can see I'm new and having such a good time with my blog..but what is the purpose? My daughter said "I spend too much time in here, when I should be out having fun"! She has no idea,, I feel like "Been there done that" and staying home and blogging is fun!
    I have not had a party yet.
    I do know one thing for sure, "I'm getting alot of decorating and painting done... "have to get it up on my blog" BIG Smile here!

    I so enjoy reading your blog...

  3. I enjoy your blog very much. It is obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into it.
    Here are my answers to your questions:

    Advertising - only if one must, otherwise it can look cluttered

    Give-Aways - fun!
    Parties - fun!
    Memes - nice!
    Blogiversaries - nice!
    Cauliflower - okay
    Following – do you or don't you, public or private, or just use a reader - I follow blogs publicly
    Purple - good
    Music – this is really rhetorical, since I have music on my blog for me. :-) - Anyone who visits my blog may have to turn their sound off. I enjoy music so much and I like to feel like I am entertaining my readers. It's also an expression of "who I am".

    Any other topic you would care to inject into the conversation.
    I am interested to read what others say as well. We will probably all learn from this. Thank you for posting your questions. I've wondered the about the same things.
    Have a relaxing weekend.
    Ladybug Creek

  4. Candy, I began my blog in August 09 as well, so I'm interested in what others have to offer on the topics you've listed.
    As for me:
    Advertising - I haven't considered advertising, but I can understand why someone would want to if they can make money on it. Too much of it can be distracting though.

    Give-Aways- I think they are fun and I've certainly been excited about being on the receiving end. It's a good way to build up followers. I've not had a giveaway, but plan to sometime soon.

    Parties- I think these are fun and easier to participate in than the weekly memes.

    Memes- I think these are a great idea because it let others know your blog is out there. I don't always participate each week consistently, but I find these fun. I try to link a post to several appropriate memes because my time is limited and don't get to post more than once or twice a week.

    Blogiversaries- seems these are a good excuse to have a giveaway

    Cauliflower- one of my favorites, steamed with butter. Yum!

    Following – do you or don't you, public or private, or just use a reader- I'm public about the blogs I follow and also list most of these on my sidebar. It makes it easy to see when a new post is up. Love this feature. I've just recently added it.

    Purple- rich, regal, and beautiful

    Music – this is really rhetorical, since I have music on my blog for me. :-) I don't usually have my sound on, but I have to say I like your play list. I'll turn the sound on for some blogs, depending on the play list.

    Any other topic you would care to inject into the conversation.- Your blog is one of my favorites. I always enjoy the tablescapes, but you also have very interesting collections that I've enjoyed viewing as well as the amazing photos of your garden. Your tablescapes are creative and unique. I stop by frequently and always try to leave a comment. I like comments because then I know who stopped by.

    Hope this helps some. I look forward to more of your posts. Each one is a treat! ~ Sarah

  5. Hi Candy! If you ask, they will answer...
    LOVE your blog for the Fiesta, vintage tableclothes, tablescapes, recipes, and your gardens are amazing!
    Don't like music, floating snowflakes/things, and movement on screens, etc.
    Give-aways are fun for people, they can enter or not as they choose.
    Advertising means nothing to me, it's just something I skim over. If it's on the side bar it's not a problem, in the body of the blog - yuck!
    I follow publicly when I enjoy the feel of a blog (like yours!).
    Memes/parties are something I participate in when I'd like to rather than something I'd want to set up and worry about how many might join in.
    My sons always say "don't let the blog become a second job"- good advice!
    PS-I'm OK with purple and cauliflower! Have a great night!

  6. Hi Candy - I don't have a blog and likely never will, but I follow (publicly) you and many others I initially found through BNOTP. The first blog I followed was Retro Renovation because we were doing a retro kitchen remodel, then I just went on from there. I love your beautiful tablescapes, gardens, house - and your camera skills are stunning.

    Advertising - hate it, skip over it, but I'm not a blogger so can't really comment and have no clue what amount of money is made by those who have it. It seems that you all do have a part-time job keeping up with your blogs! I'm glad you do, though - it's pretty much the first thing I do in the AM!
    Music - hate it, I turn it off.
    Give-aways - I've entered occasionally. Don't ever enter if blog requires my email address in the comment. Doesn't feel appropriate to me.
    Love cauliflower (either in rich, calorie-laden cheese sauce or roasted with olive oil, S&P).
    Love purple.
    Love your blog!!!
    PS - I follow Happier than a pig in mud, Sarah and Karen and may have "found" them thru you...

  7. Lots to share. I learned about blogging thru HLCCA and about Facebook also. I have a blog but because I thought it was needed to follow someone else's blog. I haven't been able to do much with mine. I probably found you thru another member of HLCCA. I follow several of their blogs also. I read yours on a daily basis. I love to look at your garden as much as your dishes. Dishing has helped keep me sane. My husband was diagnosed with cancer 4-1/2 years ago and at the same time my mom started to have TIA's (mini strokes). So looking at someone else's dishes, tablescapes, thrifty finds, projects, etc... was my release, my time. I didn't have to think about cancer or memory loss. My husband is now cancer free. My mom has significant memory loss but still likes to go shopping and eating.
    I like the way your blog is set up. I don't like backgrounds that keep you from reading or when there is a lot of info before the actual post.
    Ads don't bother me. I don't usually see everything on a blog since I use a "smart" phone to view.
    I like the idea of a giveaway but I have never participated.
    I like to follow parties, memes and Blogiversaries.
    I like cauliflower.
    I think I follow publicly.
    Puple is one of my favorie colors. Oh, you'll understand: I just received my first piece of Lilac. It is a sugar bowl (minus the lid but that doesn't bother me). I think I remember from you Fiestafanatic website that Lilac was not one of your favorite colors.
    I like your music.
    I've told you before, I really enjoy your blog and look forward to it everyday.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi Candy!

    And congrats in the impending anniversary! I like to follow the blogs of people I know or whose tablescape styles I find attractive. I'm more interested in the tables and decorative treasures than in parties, memes or ads. I tend to be attracted to tables and collections that feature vintage items or those with a family history rather than new things fresh from a home store.

    I like the idea of a group of like-minded folks coming together for something like Tablescape Thursday, but I confess that I'm not really maintaining a strong interest in it, since I don't know the other participants other than just a select few.

    I become a follower of a blog to show support for that person, and I'm trying to participate better in the blogs of folks who follow my blog. It is a challenge, though, to keep up with so many on-line activities!

    Yes to purple; no to cauliflower.

    I look forward to reading TLRT and Pottery Papers every day. I'm looking forward to the day when you can work on the Happenstance blog again, too!

    Thanks for all the fun and the beauty! They are so inspiring!

  9. I appreciate all your input and will watch for additional comments before I come back with my own take on this topic. It's will take me awhile to seriously consider all the great insights you have provided.



  10. I found your blog through Between naps on the porch. As far as music goes, I do enjoy it, but it slows down the loading of your blog, so I find myself waiting to view your posts. I don't think I follow publicly, but I really don't remember. Give aways are fun, but I do not like when there are a bunch of rules; such as post on your blog, well I don't blog, so there goes that chance, and then post on facebook; post here, post there in order to be considered for a drawing. Well I might as well NOT participate in someone's give away because it was just too much work. I really am fairly new to blogging, but I have seen some blogs turn into "little" ad sites and the blog owners are blogging about all of their advertisers that their blog lost the personal touch. I don't object to some ads, but some blogs look overwhelming, if you get my drift. One thing I like about your blog and the four that I really follow are the BIG pictures! I enjoy your photography and since you posted your questions, I made a list of who I really follow and why. My conclusion is they have large clear pictures AND include a description of the piece they are featuring. LOVE THAT!

    I like when a blog features who they follow and a link, or they feature an update feed of who recently posted.

    Purple is o.k. when it is paired with yellow cauliflower eeh, no opinion.

    From Virginia

  11. Hey, Candy, I have a blog, but Im not as dedicated as you, but I absolutely LOVE and ADORE your blog. I love your Fiesta, gardens, kitchen, tablecloths and decorating.
    Here's my take on blogs in general:
    1. Advertising...ehhh, I'd rather not see it. It looks as if someone is selling out. I DO like the Amazon widgets some bloggers use because I'm a bookaholic and love books on tables, gardening, linens, decorating, etc.
    2. Giveaways...FUN and I do participate once in a while although some are alot of work.
    3. Memes...nice way to get your name out there.
    4. Followers...I follow publicly and I have made some friends through this feature.
    5. Blogiverseries...Fun way to have a giveaway and celebrate
    6. Cauliflower...My favorite after potatoes. Love it steamed with butter and lemon pepper, raw, baked with cheese...any way i can get it. we have it at least 2-3 times a week.
    7. Music...I like it for me and I find it to be a nice representation of the blogger. If I'm bothered by it I just mute it. I like your music.
    8. Purple...a nice regal color.
    I don't think you should change anything. I like your title and the way it changes, your layout and descriptions...heck, I just LOVE your blog! It's one of my very favorites!
    Have a great day!

  12. Thanks Mary and Susan! I am still hoping for some additional input while I ponder these great responses.


  13. Hi Candy!

    I have been blogging since February and I am totally hooked! Your blog is sensational, actually, I am truly in awe of your blog. Oh my, your photographs are spectacular, so now you know, I think I join so many bloggers out there that think your blog is one of the best!

    My first blog to follow was White Spray Paint, Laura is awesome! We have known each other for years. She is a fabulous writer and each of her posts I dearly love too! I started blogging because I love to write and love photography, but the main reason I started was that it is good therapy. My husband had 2 strokes at the tender age of 56, that was 3 years ago. So I wanted to do something new while at home. I have learned how to knit too! Anyhow, husband is better, that is a blessing! He drives now and walking and hope we get back to golfing too, that is goal and it's a dream anyway! I take a day at a time. Sorry I went on so long~

    Advertising- I really don't pay attention to it.

    Give-Aways - I don't go to ones blog for that reason, they are okay.

    Parties/memes - like some of them, it's fun and does give me ideas on what to blog about.

    Blogiversaries - Okay.

    Cauliflower- love it!

    Following – public.

    Purple - awesome, I think of my daddy, he liked purple, it's a special color to me, I planted all purple petunias on my deck, makes me happy to see them. He's been gone one year, I miss him so.

    Music – since I finally figured out how to get it on my blog, I have music! Love music and picking songs for my playlist. I keep my sound on mute, was not till sweet Karen at Ladybug Creek told me about her music, did not even know about it!

    I think I stay up at night too...thinking of what's next! Love it!

    Thanks for starting this conversation, enjoy reading everyone's take on the subjects!

    Have a great weekend!


  14. Thanks for the inpur Nancy!

    I'm still mulling all this over ...... mull, mull, mull....



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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